Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just Because

Just because it's Thursday, and not quite the weekend yet, and I could use a little weirdness in my day.


First up, it's September 19!!!  What, you don't know?  That means it's...

Arrrrrrgh.  It's time to sprinkle your speech with pirate words and pirate sounds.  Join Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket in practicing public pirattitude.

Find out all about it here.

But, even weirder...  We have a lot of friends that are in the baby-rearing stage of life, so even though we're on to the teen years we still get to be around lots of babies and hear all the latest trends.  Funny how things fall in and out of favor, y'know?  But here's one that isn't likely to come back around any time soon, 

The Boggins Open Air Sleeping Compartment.

Okay, it's just a joke, right?  I mean, no one would actually do that, right?  Right?!

Wrong.  Here's one, way up high!

Yah.  He can't figure it out either.

Now, if you really want a challenge, tell me what he's about to say, but put it in Pirate Speak!

Happy Thursday ;D


Joyful Reader said...

oh my goodness! Maybe it was to keep little ones from falling to their death back in the day of no air conditioning...

Need to go look around your place for ideas to help my 9th grade boy in his physical science class... maybe some curriculum that we can use to supplement his public school experience.

Felicity said...

Sorry.... can't come up with anything in Pirate Speak... but I hope the kid didn't suffer from a fear of heights when he grew up...
I wouldn't put my child out there!