Monday, August 11, 2014

Cascade Falcon - In Progress

I miss my boys!  Tate I don't worry much about - he's done this before, and he's on staff, not under the constant scrutiny of yelling drill sergeants and impossible-to-please flight commanders.  Tate is probably having the time of his life.  I snagged a photo of him a couple days ago that is just adorable.  He's on the logistics crew...

... and was apparently assisting at check-in, on Saturday.

I was happy to find Gunnar in a couple of photos from "Day 0".  They must be studying their "SOPs" - their Standard Operating Procedures.  Gunnar is the short guy, right in the middle.

And here, about to recite the cadet oath, or maybe a special Encampment Oath.  He's in the middle, but all you can see is the top of his hat.  Looks hot to me.

Day 1, up at 5:30 for PT.  Gunnar in the red shirt.

Yah, the short kid in the red shirt.  Hang in there, Gunnar!

In class, right in the middle.  Above the raised hand of the boy in the front row.  Looking hot and tired.

Here, at least, I can tell he's smiling.  I'm guessing he was the first one his team passed through the obstacle, and they're brainstorming about the rest.  He's on the far left.

And - hallelujah - the cool of the night.

Which he's probably longing for, about now, as it's forecast to be 96F today, at JBLM.  That's 35.5 for you metric folks, and TOO DARN HOT by any measurement.  Gunnar absolutely wilts in the heat (took after my Scandinavian side of the family, apparently) so prayers for him are much appreciated.


Joyful said...

Wow! This looks really tough! Hope it cools off for him!

Rebecca D said...

I wilt in the heat too... I will pray for him. I am sure he is having a blast with all the guys, doing guy things.