Monday, August 18, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

I have all my boys back home again... and there was much rejoicing.

I've been glued to facebook, watching for updates on the Cascade Falcon page, and that needed to stop ;D  Because Tate was on staff (or "cadre" as they call it) he was harder to find.  Especially since his job - Logistics - is pretty much behind the scenes.  But I did fine a few of Gunnar each day.  Sadly, they did the obstacle course on Friday and I think the PAO team was busy putting together the encampment yearbook, so no pics of that.  Still, found a couple more of Gunnar...

He'll have to tell me what they were touring here - maybe the motor pool.  I know they talked to mechanics.  (Gunnar has the yellow camelback.)

And here is his flight - Bravo - in formation in the shade, Gunnar is fifth from right, looking hot and tired.

But graduation finally came!  We arrived before the cadets and got to watch them file in.  Gunnar was all business - gave Grandpa a brief nod, but didn't break rank at all.  Look how much smaller he is than the other cadet!  Some of the staff called Gunnar (and the other small ones) "pocket cadets".  No kidding!

Tate was all smiles and had a few free minutes as he wasn't technically "in" the graduation ceremony.

Before the Pass-In-Review, they give awards.  Gunnar's flight did well - the Honor Cadet of the week, the Warrior Spirit cadet, and something else - maybe flight sergeant of the week? - were all from his flight.  AND they won Honor Flight of the week - that's great!

That's why the "B" flag has ribbons tied to it.

Here they are, standing in formation, getting ready to march.  Gunnar is second from right.  They were WAAAAAY across a field from us.

Here comes Bravo Flight.

And here's Gunnar, eyes right, as they pass the head honchos.

Since they circled around the field, when they lined up again across from us Gunnar was front right.

Aaaaaand, big finish!

I think a couple of cadets had already walked away, but Gunnar wanted a photo with most of his Flight.

I mentioned that our home squadron sent fifteen kids down - Tate as staff, and 14 cadets.  Gunnar's best buds were in different flights and they hardly saw each other.  Three "pocket cadets", but they all made it!

Being on the logistics crew, Tate sometimes worked closely with the DFAC (Dining Facility) crew and made a good friend here :D

It was great.  They've talked my ears off.  I'm glad they went.  And I'm glad it's OVER!

And in case the neighbors weren't sure if the boys were home?  I think the six loads of laundry might have clued them in... whew!


Joyful said...

Look like a great end to a hard trip! They should be proud of themselves. Way to go Gunnar!
Yep, that's a lot of laundry! :)

Q said...

SO glad they're home safe and had such a fabulous time. LOVE "pocket cadet" and the laundry line. Can't believe how they're growing up!