Thursday, August 14, 2014

They Called!

Yep, both boys phoned home last night :D

Tate, predictably, is having the time of his life.  Making friends, touring the base, seeing the humor in life, and getting the job done.  He'll have lots of stories to tell when he gets home.  And - sweet boy that he is - he asked me if Gunnar had called yet, and hearing he hadn't, didn't want to tie up the phone too long, so Gunnar could get through.

Which he did, just moments after I hung up with Tate.  And, ooooh, it was soooo good to hear his voice!  Of course it was good to hear from Tate, but I wasn't concerned about Tate the way I have been about Gunnar.  He was cheerful, if a bit tired, talkative, and full of humor.  (Though probably if he'd called earlier in the week, it would've been a different story.)  Gunnar also had lots of stories to tell, but a line of other cadets behind him waiting for their (brief!) turn to call.  The main thing is he's doing fine.  Just two more days until graduation - yippee!

Today they're headed for the obstacle course, which will be a BIG challenge for him, but he sounded really positive about it.  Then tomorrow is lots of testing - drill testing, white-glove-barracks-inspection, etc.  And tomorrow night... the banquet.  And dance.  He told me before he left that he was nervous about dancing.  You know, dancing with girls.  With no time to try to teach him to waltz (probably not what he'll need anyway) I showed him the (only) appropriate places he could hold his hands (with a partner) and told him to shuffle a little ;D  But with about five guys to every girl I don't think it's going to be an issue!

Interestingly, the cadets are divided into six flights (A-B-C-D-E-F) and three squadrons (1:A/B, 2:C/D, 3:E/F).  He's in Bravo, and the girls are Alpha.  Every day at encampment the staff chose an "honor flight", which I think has to do with drilling, proper uniform wear, tidy barracks, etc.  It shouldn't be too difficult to guess which flight is winning most of the awards... the girls.  But Gunnar's flight got Honor Flight for at least one day.  And as they recognize the squadron as well as the flight, being paired in a squadron with the girls has definite advantages!  (And I don't mean romantically!)

At any rate, here are a few more pics I got from their Facebook site.  Yesterday it was so rainy (and COOL!  blessedly COOL!) they had to PT in their barracks, 

and morning formation was cancelled, due to the gravel parade area being a giant puddle of water.  

But rain doesn't stop us, in the PNW :D  Looks like it soaked into the ground pretty quickly.

Gunnar, front right.  So glad we bought the poncho.  I think he looks like a little blue elf.

And by the looks of it, I'm not the only one who shops at K-Mart... I think I see three matching blue ponchos!

I can pick out Gunnar and Tate in this photo :D

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I stocked up on things like milk today, posted a small package to a far-away-friend, stripped all the beds to wash the sheets, and am doing a bit of studying.  Wyatt is off to work at the speedway, and Kerry is out in his office designing something.  Probably a house.

And over and over again I'm singing to myself...



Joyful said...

I wish we had this type of thing around here for our son to be involved in. He loves military stuff and wears camo all the time. i had to tell him yesterday that camo was not technically a color! He was heart broken! ;)
Glad when everyone is back in the nest. It is always unsettling even when they are as strong and independent as your young men.

Sara McD said...

awww. so sweet.