Wednesday, August 13, 2014

That Rain Smell

We've had a few dry weeks around here.  Typical for July and August.  But yesterday morning around five, it rained.  I heard it first, but it's the smell that I noticed.  Ahhhhhh :D

I know, kind of ironic coming from someone who gets really tired of seven to eight months of dark, gray, rainy days, but right now?  Blessed relief from the heat.  And not just for me, I'm thinking of the kids at encampment.  Gunnar and the boys on his side of the table are all there.  (The other two are friends from church.)  And I've been praying for them constantly.  Good thing God doesn't get tired of listening!

And though this has nothing to do with today, Kerry finally got me some of his photos from Oregon.  Like the hike he and the boys took with Grandpa Grasshopper and Uncle Dave.  Not a tough hike - just a mile or two through the woods to this grassy knoll...

... with this amazing view!  Our rental house would be midway down the beach in the distance.

And doesn't this beach look lovely?  I don't think there's any access by road.

They clearly enjoyed themselves!

We also had some misty, moisty days, but always with lots of breeze.

I think maybe too much breeze for the kite-flying to be very successful.  Meanwhile, up at the house... 

And I love that there was lots of this on vacation, too.  That's my boys  :D 

And no Oregon Coast vacation would be complete without a meal at Mo's.  Just don't eat too many crackers while you wait for your fish.  And put the wrappers in the buckets.

You know what's really awesome about Mo's?  Besides the food?
Kid meals served on a frisbee for a plate.

Because, you know we're all about fancy.

Well, most of us anyway ;D

According to the internet (always an infallible source, right?) it's a cool 63F, with a projected high of 72 down at JBLM today, making for a much more comfortable day for cadets on the go all day long - hallelujah!

I snagged a few more pics off facebook...

Barracks inspection!

Tate, on the right, handing out materials for some activity they were doing.

Tours of the base.

Gunnar's flight.  He's front row, center.

And, filing off for evening activities, Gunnar is between the boys in maroon shirts.  I notice that they're accommodating the heat, as they would normally have been in BDUs.  Hurray for good common sense :D

It does my Mama-heart good to catch these glimpses of them and what they're doing, even though I can't contact them to encourage them.  When Wyatt and Tate went two years ago they were each offered ONE brief phone call home, so I'm hoping to hear from Gunnar either tonight or tomorrow night.  They wisely don't let them call early in the week when the cadets are stressed and exhausted.  They're halfway through the encampment now, and getting to some of the more fun/rewarding stuff :D  Still working hard, though.

Oh boy I'm looking forward to their graduation on Saturday!


Monica said...

I always enjoy your posts about your boys. What a proud mama! And you should be. My son would stroke out doing something like that and we live and work a farm! :)
OR is beautiful! I hope to get out that way someday!

Joy said...

Good for you!! Good for them! I went through knowing my hubs was going through these sorts of things (but ratcheted up several notches) but boy, what a different ball game to see your sons do it. I am gleaning a lot from hearing and seeing you raise your sons. I wish I could sit down with you and soak up some of what you have learned along the way. Thank you for sharing your life.