Friday, September 5, 2014

Button Up

I'm not sure I have an original idea in my head, some days, but I sure love other people's great ideas! I love to read quilting blogs because there are such amazingly creative people out there.  One of them is Allison Farris (a fellow Washingtonian, I believe) who blogs at Cluck Cluck Sew.  Earlier this year she posted a quilt that caught my eye, as so many of hers do.  I love her frequent use of white with bright colors, and I wanted to make one that was similar.  But for whom?

Well wouldn't you know it, not too long after that we heard good news... another chapel baby was on the way.  And the mama, who wanted to be surprised (boy/girl) told me she likes blue, green, and yellow.  I think she mentioned gray as well, but with all the cloudy, rainy days we get... well... I stuck with the brighter colors.  And ta-daaa!  She had a boy!  We'll be celebrating with them on Saturday, and I'll be bringing this - my version of Button Up, with a soft flannel backing.

Babies, very considerately, give several months' notice of their impending arrival, so I had plenty of time to work on this in the cooler months ;D

 Now that summer is winding down, I pulled out my sewing machine to make a couple of accessories.  Bibs are quick and simple, and I liked to have several on hand during the little years.  My boys weren't only messy eaters, at times they were droolers (aren't they all?) and I liked to pop a bib on them if we were heading anywhere remotely special, so at least we could arrive with their shirts dry.

This one is pretty small and backed with a thin flannel.

And then I got an idea... a Mickey bib!

Rest assured, the buttons are on REALLY tight, and even if the baby ever got them off, I'm pretty sure they're too big to choke on.  This one got the Gunnar stamp of approval.  If I'd been quicker I could've gotten a photo of him modeling it, but I think he would've died of embarrassment.  And we couldn't have that, now could we?


Rebecca D said...

Love the quilt!! Such a cute idea! Lilly uses hers all the time and it gives her such joy!

Sara McD said...

All your quilts are so cute.

The Mickey bib is especially clever. Kind of subtle but obvious - I'm great with the oxymorons today. I'm not a modern Disney fan, but have you heard of "bounding?" Or "disneybounding?"

That's what the bib reminds me of. And I'd love to see Gunnar modeling it. :)

melanie said...

{{Happy Sighs}}
LOVE your quilts. :D And I'm sure their new owners do too!

Cute bibs too ~ fun stuff.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, you guys :D

Sara, I had not heard of DisneyBounding, but that's a fun/interesting link! I'm not usually "into" character stuff, but I thought the bib idea as subtle enough to work. And, well, Mickey is CLASSIC.

I did a Mickey baby quilt for my niece a couple years ago, too. Wish I'd thought of a bib idea to go with back then!