Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Brain Dump, The What?-No-Monday-Grasshopper-Days? Edition

1.  Grasshopper Days.  I like the structure of the Monday post, but just have not had time early in the week, lately.  Because, life.

2.  Fall has definitely fallen.  Gunnar and I went for a forty-five minute walk this morning and came home so wet I could wring water out of my shirt, but we sure had fun.  That called for a hot shower and a warm cup of cocoa :D

And have you ever noticed something?  One of the best feelings in the world is being warm/dry/clean after being cold/wet/dirty.  *Happy sigh*

3.  Welcome to Crazy-ville.  The last two (is it just two?) days have seen a lot of activity.

The Pathfinder Wyatt bought?  Umm... needs more work than is worth doing.  At least for those of us that have no mechanical knowledge.  Now someone that knows how to tinker with cars?  Come see me.  We put it back on Craigslist, because it runs now...

Took Tate to the dentist for his first filling - he did great.

Wyatt revealed how much he detests his English class.  While that came as no big surprise (not his favorite subject in the best of times) it went beyond just not liking to write, and had more to do with the teaching style of the professor.  While part of college is expanding your horizons and (real-life) learning to deal with people you wouldn't naturally gravitate toward, still... this is HIS education, and he deserves some choice in shaping it, yah?  To put it very diplomatically, we think he might get more out of the class from a teacher he's a little more compatible with.  So I've been helping him work through the process of transferring into another (equivalent) English class.  

And what is it about him and the telephone?  Is this typical of boys young men his age?  It's like pushing rope up hill to get him to pick up the phone and call someone he doesn't know - like the professor of the class he hopes to transfer into.  Or the Running Start office, to see about exchanging one textbook for another.  These are not difficult phone calls to make!  Aargh.  But I think it's going to work out.


4.  Speaking of young men...  like my youngest...  Sporting two pimples and some serious drama, lately.  But doing well in his studies in spite of it :D  And able to appreciate the (math) humor in this...  
          thanks Melanie :D

5.  Tate brought home the first notice about some kind of test the school is administering.  I've told both Tate and Wyatt (when he was there) that of course they have to take any exams or tests for the classes they're taking, but they don't have to take any others.  If the school doesn't allow an easy opt-out then they can stay home that day.  Because you know how much I think of standardized testing...

6.  In the boys-will-be-boys category, this got a lot of laughs this week.

7.  But this is more down my alley...  ahhhh, my cozy house, near the end of the day.

And how has your week been?


Choate Family said...

Oh, could I PLEASE come over and sit in your cozy house and enjoy lovely fall weather and great company?!?

Anonymous said...

I love your house!! Lots going on here, we got back from our European Vacation yesterday morning! I slept for 10 hours- from 9.30pm-7.30. So good! I never really sleep through the night but when I do, I feel much better! More news on my blog coming soon

melanie said...

I keep thinking... I should Daybook again. I should update the blog with September news.

Yikes, four days of September left?! oops.

But I did leave a lengthy OpEd on Conny's post yesterday... {sigh} on parenting teens. 8-)