Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Brain Dump


1.  I could be frustrated that we're not exactly "in the groove" of our normal home-school routine, or I could be thankful for the flexibility that home-schooling allows us.  I'll take Option 2.  Because this week... yah.

Wyatt and I spent Monday over at the community college, attending orientation.  And can I just tell you that I felt like ...

...thank you very much, Gary Larson.  By the time we got home, well, no home-school (Gunnar) was accomplished.  

2.  Tuesday I had a check-up right in the middle of the day, breaking our momentum.  But here's the funny thing.  I'm not used to being at the doctor's office by myself; I'm usually escorting one of the boys.  And I can well remember the days of trying to keep them occupied in the waiting room until we got called back.  So when a mom walked in with two little girls (one about three and one in a stroller, probably a year and a half?) I had sympathy.  The girls were behaving nicely, but the mom was trying to get a bunch of paperwork filled out and the little one kept throwing her toys overboard (out of the stroller) and grabbing at the papers.  So I started making faces at her.  And playing peek-a-boo behind a magazine.  And making the little *pop* sound with my finger in my cheek.  The little one in the stroller would stare at me, start to laugh, and then look away - like she couldn't believe a stranger was behaving like that.  Then the nurse called me back, and as I left the room the little one burst into tears!  Well, it's nice to be appreciated, I guess ;D

Looking south-east, just after take-off.

3.  Meanwhile, Kerry got to go flying again.  He did a little job for a client who is preparing to be a missionary pilot.  Doesn't have much money, but there are some perks...  he took Kerry up on Tuesday and I think he may take Wyatt up soon.  And what beautiful fall weather for it!

We live near this lake.  And see the houses way off in the distance, up on the hill?
That one on top reflecting the sunlight is my parents' place.
Yes, they have an amazing view.

4.  Wednesday the boys all had dental check-ups.  And isn't that just as much fun as a barrel of monkeys.  Said no one ever.  But it's all fine.  One boy had one cavity (so sad), but LOOK, I told them... Wyatt is 18, Tate is nearly 16, and Gunnar is 13.  Between them, they've had FOUR cavities, total.  On average, that's less than one cavity for each ten years.  I think they're doing fine.

The house I grew up in is dead center in this photo - with the flat, boxy-looking garage roof.

5.  Thursday I was up early and off to the lab for (routine) bloodwork - all is well.  And Kerry and the boys went to a friend's for one last hurrah at the lake.

Our house :D

6.  Gunnar and I went to the grocery store today.  I know, that's hardly big news.  But I forgot my list, so we just winged it.  Got home.  Found the list.  Remembered all but one thing.  So, you know, I'm bragging a little ;D  Because when you're forty-eight that's something to celebrate.

The marina and the site of the former Georgia-Pacific Pulp and Paper mill, where my dad worked for 40+ years, and I spent three summers in college.  Hard work.  Good money.  Unofficial motto: We work ours off to keep yours clean.  Always classy.

7.  Suddenly a couple of keys on my keyboard are sticking.  Could it possibly be heavy-handed teenage boys?  Possibly?

Looking toward Anacortes.

8.  My cousin dropped in for a surprise visit.  Well, a surprise to us, anyway.  He lives in Texas but was bringing his daughter up to get her settled into university in Seattle.  But here's the funny tidbit:  He's a nurse-anesthetist (anesthesiologist).  He got his training through the Army and served for eight years (including two deployments to the Mid-East) before going into private practice.  He is a TOUGH GUY, and he works in a surgical setting.  But you know what he told me?  When he has to get his own blood drawn, he passes out.  I love that he told me that.

Evening over the San Juans - and very hazy.

9.  Sunday is coming.  This time I'll be preschool-ready.

Ferry approaching Anacortes...

... and docking.

10.  Gunnar has selective memory.  As in, never mind the 5:30 wake-ups for PT, the constant drilling, the barracks inspections, and the constant exhaustion from the yelling-and-running-every-waking-hour... encampment was the Most Fun Ever and he wishes he could go back.  Yah.  I told him it's kind of like child-birth and family road-trips... 

You only remember the good parts.

One of the many oil-tankers coming and going.

11.  And... I'm running out of steam.  Good thing it's Friday ;D  Enjoy your weekend!

Just south of town.

The approach to the airport - right over the freeway and onto the runway.
That's made for some exciting/surprising moments on the freeway ;D


Anonymous said...

Check out our vacation!!

Are you only homeschooling Gunnar?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wyatt is going to the Community College, so he's graduated from homeschool. Tate is PT at the public high school and part time at home, but he really works very independently. I'll help him review for a test and make sure he has what he needs for his biology experiments, but I don't do as much WITH him this year. So Gunnar is my only full-time homeschooler - it's quite a switch!

Joyful said...

thank you for sharing all the gorgeous pictures! Routine will settle in soon enough. I think the flexiblity would be great! My schedule is way too ridged......
Have a great weekend!

Crystal in Lynden said...

It's Friday? I still have so much more to do! :-(

melanie said...

Hee hee! so much to love about your posts :-)

Cool perk for Kerry ~ Awesome brain power for your grocery list recall! 24hrs-ish after donating blood to the lab?! ~ wowsa.

EnJOY your weekend!