Saturday, November 8, 2014

Around Winthrop

So, being the low-mainenance vacationers that we are,
guess what we really enjoyed?

Walks around Winthrop.

I wish I was a better photographer, but even if I was,
the camera just can't quite capture what the eye sees.

The sun shining through the plain, old cottonwood leaves was more beautiful than any stained glass.

And there are plenty of great places to walk and hike.

We liked it along the river :D
That's the suspension bridge we just crossed.

Even though part of our walk was actually ON Highway 20...

... we weren't exactly threatened by the traffic.

*Happy Sigh*

Two rivers, the Methow and the Chewuch, meet at Winthrop.

And nope, I didn't edit the color of those red leaves.

Knowing that nearby Alta Lake State Park had been devastated by the wildfires, we were curious to see how Pearrygin Lake SP had fared.  Turned out we couldn't drive down into the campground, but could tell by the surrounding area that it had been spared.

This tree?  Not a casualty.  (Not of the fire, anyway.)  It just looks... weird.

Looking for ducks?

We found 'em.

Even an old rusty silo is pretty in the right light and setting :D

Drove by this place up in the Okanogan and had to go by again to get a photo of the skins drying on the wall.  Somebody had a successful hunt.

Love the way the buildings weather.

And then there's the actual town of Winthrop, which was redone in the 1970's with a Western theme (appropriate to the area) to attract tourists.

At last count the population hovered around 400, but in hunting season... probably higher :D

You can't miss Three Fingered Jack's Saloon, but we also loved the Mexican place, Carlos 1800.

Kerry liked the architectural details...

... and I liked the saddles out front of this resort ;D


Crystal in Lynden said...

Oh, your pictures make me want to get away, but my body wants to hibernate. :-/

Joyful said...

Beautiful vacation Julie! Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing with a farm locked lady! :)

melanie said...

Happy Sighs are right!

The skins on the wall... makes me think of The Biggest Bear... 'a trial and a tribulation to the whole valley.' :-) So I thank you for that happy thought too!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Melanie, I'd totally forgotten that book - thanks for reminding me!