Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coming Home

Coming back over the pass we were really IN the clouds and Kerry likes clouds and mist.

Some of it felt very Lord-of-the-Rings-ish to me - like these could be the Misty Mountains ;D

And of course, we saw fresh snow - more than had been there when we started the trip.

Remember when I commented that this looks like a pretty place to live?
I mean, who wouldn't like that backdrop behind their place?

Well, not far down the highway is the site of the Oso Mudslide.
This is not a route we often take, so we hadn't seen it in person.

That may be the nearest house that survived.

The eerie thing was that it didn't look like a very steep slope -
not one you would've expected to let go like that.

The highway crew were still working to stabilize the area and repair the highway.

Those piles of dirt and gravel are (I assume) covering what used to be a neighborhood.

So in spite of all the beauty and relaxation of the trip,
it was also a view into destruction - with the remnants of the mudslide, the wildfires, and the flooding.

So glad to be home :D

But I have one more place to show you... later ;D

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melanie said...

Yikes, how would you know? No, we can't build here because that hill might fall on us someday... So sad.