Sunday, November 30, 2014

Well, A Brain Dump, And Then Some

It's 6:30pm and it feels like it should be bedtime.  You've had days like that too?  And it's been a good day, just packed.  Like the entire last week.  Hence, no posting.  Because I need to live life more than I need to record it.  *sigh*  But since we last talked...  it's gotten cold, here.

Wyatt continues to get up early in the morning to go to work.  And this week?  The crucible.  Not only are things going to be crazy-busy at UPS, but it's final's week at college.  I get tired just thinking about it.

Joanna, if you're reading, I think our low was 16F.  Yah.

Gunnar started violin lessons, and there was much rejoicing.  He started out with plucking.  I assume that's to get him accustomed to some very basic music reading and left hand/finger placement before adding in the complication of a bow.  But I'm very glad to find a friendly (and affordable!) teacher just ten minutes from our house.

Tate is itching to get his learner's permit, but has a bit more studying to do.  He'll have to pass the written test to get the permit, since we're not enrolling him in a driving school.  Also, we're anxiously awaiting a call from the butcher when his (deer) meat is ready.

We had some of our favorite friends over for dinner and heard a story about two guys, two mountain bikes, and a king cobra that has put Thailand on my no-way-not-ever-no-thank-you list.  *shudder*

We hosted Thanksgiving and I took not one single photo.  I think Kerry did, so maybe I'll see about that eventually.  But he insists on taking photos while people are eating, so those ones are usually pretty awful.  But the day was fun - fourteen people here for family, food, and a fun project.  I'll get pics of that in daylight.  (Sand + rocks + green paint + white pens.  Guesses?  Not Christmassy.)

Meanwhile, I think a bomb went off in my office.  Had to clear off the craft table to take downstairs for Thanksgiving and I need some time to find my equilibrium here again.  But first, I have three boys who believe that Christmas needs to appear downstairs ASAP.  And they're willing to help, but there are some things I just need to do myself.  Which is why it's only half-done, and the dining room table looks like a Christmas store exploded.

Because today?  Apparently I need a new battery for the clock in my Sunday school room.  When I first started teaching I was a bit concerned because sometimes the adult class tends to run long, and we're done before they are.  Well.  Unless your clock stops and you keep the kids busy for a really long time because you think you shouldn't let them go for another ten minutes.  And the adult class has long been done by the time you straggle upstairs.  Oops.  Wyatt was anxious to get home because he has so much studying to do.  

And then this afternoon was our local Sing Along Messiah.  Lots of us from the choir go for the fun of it, and for an extra practice.  And it was a ton of fun except for one thing.  The volunteer orchestra was fabulous BUT (probably due to it being so cold outside and the change in temp coming in) they really needed another opportunity to tune to each other after the first song or two.  In spite of that, they sounded amazing, especially given they'd had zero practice.

Rushed home from that to get yummy leftover turkey dinner into the oven, help the boys strip their beds, put on flannel sheets (!!!), get the first load of laundry running, and eat dinner by 5 so Wyatt could go to bed.  Because - you know - 2am start time at work.

And now I'd better get the flannels on my own bed, because it's starting to sound awfully appealing at the end of this good, long day.


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