Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Outside my window...  after several days of cold, clear skies, the clouds are rolling in and we're expecting rain.  Which would be normal for this time of year.

Hearing...  the dryer tumbling and a fairly quiet house.  Gunnar is doing some reading (for homeschool), Wyatt is studying, and Tate has finished and headed to a neighbor's house.

Pondering...  November is usually so soggy, I've really enjoyed these clear days, in spite of the cold! Nearly all the leaves are off the trees, and the boys and I did some raking and cleaning yesterday.  One of our trees drops huge, heavy, thick leaves and they were all over the new grass we planted above the rock wall.  I told the boys they didn't have to get them all, but the grass would surely die if we left them. They did a good job :D

Thankful...  for getting all those leaves raked up while they're DRY rather than wet and soggy. :D
We've had some strange weather this fall, including TWO tornadoes - very rare for our state!  One was actually a waterspout.  The second was on land and did some property damage, but I don't think anyone was hurt.

We're also VERY thankful for Wyatt's job at UPS.  He's got a really heavy load right now between school and work (25-30 hours a week, in the wee hours of the morning), but he's handling it.  (Oh to be eighteen and have that kind of energy and stamina!)  We're really proud of him.

Wearing...  blue jeans, t-shirt, navy long sleeve sweater.  Still pretty chilly, but the clouds are warming it up a bit.

Creating...  Christmas gifts and a couple of baby gifts - pics later :D

Going...  to take the boys to youth-group tonight.  Except Wyatt.  Who goes to bed at about 6pm.

Reading...  a Francine Rivers novel my mom loaned me.  A Mother's Hope.

Looking forward to...  the holidays - we LOVE this time of year :D

In the kitchen...  hmmm, need a plan for dinner!

In the learning rooms...  our schedule was a bit disrupted last week, so we're kind of playing catch-up.  No big deal though, as the boys are hard workers AND I don't schedule any homeschool work for the whole week of Thanksgiving.  I'm hosting and I want some prep time, and it's a good strategy for us for homeschool to build in some lag time.

Around the house...  very fall-ish :D  I am NOT tired of pumpkin spice candles :D

The Mother Load...  mostly revolves around Thanksgiving right now.  Some house cleaning to do, and a lot of food prep.  I make as much ahead as I can - potatoes, sweet potatoes... I even cook the turkey and make the gravy ahead.

Noticing that...  some Tuesday nights, after CAP, the boys like to go to Dairy Queen with the other cadets.  I don't mind - I like for them to have the chance to socialize with a nice bunch like that.  But OH MY WORD is Gunnar grumpy the next day!  I think he must be in another growth spurt because boy does he need his rest!

Something fun to share...  Naomi (my niece) was up over the weekend and had her first tractor ride with Grandpa Grasshopper.

Way up in the bucket (with Daddy)

And in the cab, with Grandpa

She was pretty excited to tell about it!

A favorite quote for today...  No one ever said life was fair.  Just eventful.  - Carol Burnett

One of my favorite things...  taking a warm rice bag to bed on a cold night :D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  I get to go to the eye doctor!  Oh boy!  I lost a contact (bummer) and then realized that my eyes have changed and I need a new prescription before they re-order it.  So I'm stuck with my glasses (also the old prescription) for awhile.  Then (Friday) the boys are going to the CAP Aerospace Fun Night - a (supervised) overnight full of fun activities.  Wyatt wants to go.  But since he usually goes to bed around the time the thing starts, I'm not sure how much fun he'll be having.  I'm going to a brunch for ladies at my church on Saturday (fun :D) and then we're having friends to dinner.  (TO dinner, not FOR dinner.  What kind of people do you think we are?)

A peak into my world...  compliments of the boys...


thatdeafgirl said...

I STILL love your house! None of the houses here look like that! They are very small!

Joyful said...

I think we jumped right into winter here. The calendar says it's fall but it feels very different. We had 3 inches of snow Sunday!
I love that homeschooling let's you work when it works best for you! I wish I had done this!
I love this time of year, holidays! Soon, my home will be ready (some what less chaotic) too. :)