Friday, November 7, 2014

The Getaway

After getting over the pass (with lots of stops for photos) we were glad to get to our destination and find out it was just what we expected.  Don't you like it when things work out like that?  Because they don't always.  We stayed at the River Run Inn, just outside of Winthrop.  If you're a fancy-schmancy, bright-lights-big-city type, then you wouldn't be headed to Winthrop in the first place and this wouldn't be your kind of place.  But if you're more like us, and want something clean, comfortable, and quiet then this may be right up your alley.  Looks like kids would be welcome, too.

We turned off the highway onto a gravel road and entered under a log gate.

And - yes! - our room looked out on the river.  *Happy Sigh*

From the balcony...

The bed had a thick, down comforter AND a quilt, so we left the deck door a little bit open at night so we could listen to the river. 

Looking the other way, the view was just as nice.

Though we didn't use it, the pool and little-tiny-hot-tub looked clean and inviting.

We pretty much just dropped our stuff and headed out to walk around the grounds.

Lots of cottonwoods growing by the river, and all glowing golden in the afternoon sun.

See, doesn't that look homey and relaxing?

 And they had four or five of these scattered around.
* Bigger Happy Sigh *

Here's the driveway... love the bucket lights.

Our last full day there we spent most of the day holed up at the Inn because... rain.

And we didn't even mind.  They need it, on the dry side, and we'd already done most of our exploring and were happy to curl up with books and movies (the Inn has a small DVD library).

And it's even gorgeous in the rain!


RogersUIO said...

What fun pictures! We stayed at that same place way back in 1998 for a family reunion. I don't remember much about the area, but I did get some really good rocky road ice cream somewhere! Glad you were able to get away to such a beautiful place.

Joyful said...

A beautiful retreat! Just the place to get away from all the CRAZY of everyday life. (I would not want to return home if I had my kiddos!)