Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Walk In The Woods

It's finally here!

Tate and I leave tomorrow!

I've been having the strangest dreams.

Not about the friends I'm about to meet.
No, not that.
I guess I'm just not much of a seasoned traveler,
and not much of a fan of crowds.
(Hello, Sea-Tac airport.)

I'll miss my morning walks with Gunnar,
so I leave you a few pics of that :D

Seagull, swallow (?), stellar jay.

The biggest sunflower I think I've ever seen.

The sun just peeking over the ridge (out of sight to the right)
and touching the tops of the hills across the lake.

Ah, a peaceful morning.

The morning may seem bright...

... but it's still dark under the trees.

Getting lighter, though :D

See, the sun is up there!

Same tree... takes four pics to see the top.

A whole eco-system on top of a rock.

I love when we reach the highest (elevation) point of our walk...

... the same time the sun does.
Four trails meet.  We came on this one...

... considered this one...

... meh, not this one...

... and continued our walk on this one.

So we can break out of the woods at the top of the hill and see this :D

Yep.  That's us.

Loving the fall colors :D

And down the hill...

... to home :D

And my gorgeous dogwood tree.

Love the twisty, curly branches.


Joyful said...

I sure miss visiting you every day! My job has turned upside down and I am so busy. Home has stayed that way too. Hope all is well! Hugs my friend!

melanie said...

Catching up with you today! {or trying to} :D
The camping trip sounds/looks like it was much fun for all --> You once again are my hero/so impressive with your travels and meaningful family time. Well done, you.

Hope you & Tate are having a wonderful adventure down in Arkansas :D

Rozy Lass said...

Oh my, those photos make me homesick for Mount Vernon, where we lived over twenty years ago and began our homeschooling adventure. Thanks for sharing.