Saturday, October 17, 2015

We Interrupt These Vacation Memories...

.. for a moment of


No, it's not
We missed that.

I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed.
Kind of like this guy.

See that, boys?
Yes.  We must do that!
Except we don't have that kind of mailbox.
But we'll figure something out.

In the meantime,
Tate and I are back from our amazing time with new friends
and trying to get back in the groove at home.

He's much better at it than I am ;D

Okay, maybe it's not that bad,
but knowing my mom will be here while Kerry and I are away...
well, I want things tidy!

But let me just brag on the boys,
because that's part of my job description, right?

Wyatt appears to be doing fine at the college.
I can't check up on him, like I could at the high school,
but I've seen him studying and doing schoolwork.
Well done, Wyatt.

Gunnar had the whole week off while Tate and I were gone, so he didn't have anything to make up.
But he got through all his school work in spite of two days being disrupted.
Had a vision screening one morning, and guess what.
Welcome to the family, Gunnar.
You hit the genetic jackpot, and need your vision corrected...
just like the rest of us.
Also took a morning off to go the rifle range,
because deer season opens today.
(Safety first, then success ;D )

But Tate... Tate is a trooper.
When I planned our homeschool schedule I already knew about the week Gunnar and I were going camping,
and the week Tate and I were spending in Arkansas.
But I didn't know Kerry and I would be having dental adventures in Mexico.
Tate can do schoolwork without me around, but I review his work (almost) daily,
help him review for tests, call in reinforcement when needed for Chemistry,
make sure he has supplies for experiments, administer tests, etc.

All that to say, we wanted him to do as much as he could before Kerry and I leave.
Also, he had a bunch of stuff to make up since he missed some days at the high school.
He rode his bike so he could stay late a couple of days to take tests in Spanish and Geometry.
(Lucked out in Algebra 2, because they had a sub who didn't test the students.)
PLUS, again not knowing about the extra interrupted week,
just by the luck of the draw,
this week was much "heavier" than usual in homeschool.
Lots of chemistry AND an overview of the US Constitution for Civics.
I mean, that's not exactly light reading, you know?
(Certain political figures should try it - ha ha.)
Anyway, Tate pushed through and is all caught up.

So proud of all of them :D

Now, if they'll just clean the bathrooms and their bedroom....

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Ann said...

Why is it that school seems to get interrupted much more when they're teens than when they were little and it didn't matter so much? *sigh*