Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Family of God

A couple of my friends (from home) asked me
if I wasn't a bit nervous about going across the country
to connect with people I'd never actually met before.

Surprisingly, NO.

It's been on my heart to get together in person with these ladies and their families for years.
We've gotten to know each other through the wonders of the internet,
but we all feel the tension of how much to reveal in a public forum.
We try to be "real" and yet preserve some privacy,
especially as our kids get older.
We've emailed more personal things.
But still, you know people differently in person,
right there in flesh and blood,
than you can in cyberspace.

And these folks are the real deal ;D

Doug and Ann cheerfully put us up the first night,
(their girls graciously bunked with their younger brother),
gave me a toothbrush,
fed us a home-cooked breakfast with local Arkansas sausage,
and told us about their lives and their church.

Mid-morning, the Choates arrived,
with more hugs all around!

I'd been communicating with Ann and Joanna for years,
but Tate jumped in with both feet.

It says a lot for the Choate and Hibbard kids,
who've had ongoing friendships for years,
that they welcomed Tate into the mix with open arms.

I was reminded of the Getty song,
Oh How Good It Is...

Oh how good it is when the family of God,
Dwells together in spirit, in faith, in unity.
Where the bonds of peace, of acceptance and love,
Are the fruits of His presence here among us...

The eight kids immediately launched into a full-scale Nerf battle,
(those Hibbards must have quite an arsenal!),
with the girls upstairs
(clever girls, claiming the high ground)...

and the boys down below (where is Steven?).

If I remember right, after lunch Doug went in to work,
and with the kids happily (if noisily) occupied,
we mamas were free to do what we do best...
visit, and visit, and visit :D

At some point, our luggage arrived
and lo, there was much rejoicing.
And more to the point,
there were showers and clean clothes - always a blessing ;D 

Aren't they lovely... and matching, too!

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