Monday, November 2, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, November 2, 2015

Outside my window...  cool, cloudy, and wet. Typical for November.

Hearing...  a contractor friend working in the living room, FINALLY finishing the trim on the new windows.

Pondering...  it's so good to be home, but this was pretty nice too...

... that's the view out the door of my hotel room in Yuma.  My own personal oasis, with a pool, palm trees, citrus trees, even gardenia bushes.  Ahhhhhh :D

Praying...  for my boys to become MEN, not perpetual adolescents.

Thankful...  they did so well at home without us for a week.  Sure, my mom was checking in on them and cooked them a few meals (thanks, Mom!) but they really held everything together in our absence.

And oh-so-very-thankful that our trip went well.  More about that later.

Wearing...  jeans, white t-shirt, stripy fall sweater.

Creating...  whew!  Nothing yet.  But plans for three baby quilts.

Going...  to make lunch in a few minutes.

Looking forward to...  just being home for awhile :D

In the kitchen...  soup and sandwiches for lunch, and maybe sloppy joes for dinner.

In the learning rooms...  Gunnar and Tate did a great job while we were gone.  Gunnar wrote a book report, and Tate has been working ahead in his gov't and chemistry studies.  Well done!

Around the house...  oh my goodness.  I'm sure I have my mom to thank for the fact that the house wasn't completely cluttered when we got home, and the laundry was caught up.  Now that the contractor is FINALLY finishing the trim, I feel like I can clean and decorate when he's done.  TIME FOR FALL.  Time to sprinkle my fall leaves and candles and other knick knacks around the house.  FINALLY!!!

The Mother Load...  Oh my word.  I don't dare even look at the list until I get myself sorted out.  But I know, right away, I need to:
*  pay the monthly bills
*  re-register for health insurance
*  renew Tate's learner's permit
*  cancel one appointment (Tate's vision check, got in with a doctor we prefer so cancel the old one)
*  make a new appointment (Tate's annual well-check, always near their b'days so I remember!)
And that's just the fairly RIGHT NOW stuff...  Isn't my life just a blaze of excitement?

Noticing that...  I actually left my office fairy tidy.  Can I keep it that way?

Something fun to share...  oh, the plethora of places to get good Mexican food when you're in the south!  Missing that already.

One of my favorite things...  how about three?  Wyatt, Tate, and Gunnar.  Missed them!

A few plans for the rest of the week...  just getting back into the groove...
Just the usual stuff.  Homeschool.  Violin lesson.  Messiah rehearsal.  Etc.

A peek into my world...

It feels quite unfair that in just a few hours I was pulled from lounging around the pool in 90+ temps...

to arriving home in wet and windy 50-ish weather.  *sigh*  But it's good to be home :D


Monica said...

So nice that you can get away for a week and not worry about the "men" at home. We have traveled a lot to Playa del Carmen in Mexico. We love it there and will be going back in December for about four days. I know what you mean about being in 90* temps and a few hours later back to sub zero!!

I can't wait to see your new window all decorated for Christmas! Your home is always so cheery!

Mrs. Doug said...

Bet you don't miss the traffic and the "treeless" hills around you. I know after living in different places, I just love the green of New England.. of course now it's not so green and we'll be seeing white real soon, but spring IS coming.

melanie said...

No place like home is there? :-)
Still... water and sunshine...sigh. Hope Kerry was able to enjoy some of that sunny R&R between his appointments!
Hurrah for the house still standing too -- I do believe your young MEN are growing up just fine. Thank you for that great contribution to our world!