Tuesday, November 3, 2015

There And Back Again...

So we've had an adventure...

which started at the Bellingham Airport,
at 4:30am, on a Sunday morning.

See the lovely deserted state of the airport?
This is why I like flying out of small airports :D
Guess how long it took to get through security and out to our gate?

About as long as it took to read about it.

Because I'm a cheapskate frugal, I tell ya, frugal (!)
our little adventure involved a bit of hopping.
Consequently, we landed in Portland with the sunrise,
and just in time to see the clock do its thing.

One more hop, and we were circling Palm Springs.
That's the Salton Sea, in the distance.

But Palm Springs wasn't our destination
(because that would be a vacation, not an adventure...)
so we picked up a rental car and headed south,
past the Salton Sea...

past bazillions of date palms
(valiantly resisting the many offers of "date shakes"
because the thought of something even remotely like a raisin milk shake
had surprisingly little appeal)...

past, well,
a whole lot of nothing...

past these (presumed) barriers to vehicles that might try to approach the border...

... to our home-away-from-home in Yuma,
the La Fuente Inn...

just in time for a gorgeous sunset.

Yes.  For real.
It looked like that.

Actually, it looked like the kind of clouds that could promise an electrical storm,
and maybe even a down pour,
but no such luck for this arid place.

And with that, we settled in for the night,
(giving thanks for the wonders of AC,
because it was in the 90s)
to rest for the real adventure
the next day.

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