Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Brain Dump


There are some days, you just say, 


1.  Weather.  In case you've heard in the news about all the wind, rain, and flooding in Washington, we're fine.  We even have power.  Of course, it flickered several times, meaning we had to reset everything (more than once), but no problem.

2.  Gunnar was out hunting today and got skunked again.  They saw nothing.  Not even does.  Gunnar, of course, takes this quite personally.  It's a bit hard not to when you go up in the hills (where it's legal to hunt) and see nothing, but this guy hangs around (in the city limits) in your yard.

3.  House "fluffing".  Since Wyatt was at school, Tate was at school, and Gunnar was hunting most of the day, I had a lot of time, so I did something good:

I'm so happy about my flannel sheets that it's not even 5pm and I'm already thinking about going to bed!  Can't though, because I'll have to pick up Tate from work, and Kerry too.  Let me tell you that story...

4.  Kerry drove down to Seattle last night because he's going to a seminar all day today (continuing ed, for his architecture license).  Anyway, he decided to go down last night and stay at my cousin's, because traffic.  Seattle traffic is the stuff of nightmares.  Anyway, the phone rang about 10:20 last night, and that's not usually good, YKWIM?  The car died.  (Kerry drives a 26-year old Toyota 4Runner).  DIED, he said.

Well, actually he was able to limp to my cousin's house, with no headlights, no windshield wipers, and the battery light was on.  (Alternator?)  So he started strategizing about getting the car to a mechanic down there, how long that would all take, etc.  Mind you, all of this is two hours from where we live.


For several years my parents have gotten us Triple A for Christmas.  We've never had to use it, but with all of us driving older vehicles (and Tate an I making multiple trips to Seattle Children's) it's all about peace of mind, right?  And now... NOW...  now is the payoff :D

They buy us the "Plus" plan because it includes 100 Miles of towing.  So I jumped on Google maps and here's the fun part.  You know how far it is from my cousin's house to our mechanic, here at home?  99.4 miles.  And the tow truck driver will let Kerry ride with him, so we won't even have to pay for a Greyhound ticket :D

Of course, we still have to fix the car.... but I'm so thankful I'm giggling :D

5.  Tate doesn't have to work on Thanksgiving.  There was no guarantee of that, as this is grocery stores' busiest time of the year, so we're not taking that for granted.  Wyatt will get his schedule tonight.  Hoping he'll be off as well.... :D

6.  35 Days until Christmas.  You're welcome.

7.  Stay spectacular :D


Monica said...

Triple A what a wonderful thing! We should probably look into that too! our vehicles are all older.
Both our girls work on Thanksgiivng so I am going to volunteer to work... (Retail Giant) ;)
Wow, that buck didn't get that big by not having some brains! LOL! Hopefully Gunnar will get one before Sunday! (that's the end of deer season here, the same there?)
Hope your weekend is brighter than your stormy week. We got 5 inches of rain on Tuesday! Several trees down from strong winds. But no power outages.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my gracious, FIVE INCHES is a lot in one day! And - yep - the season goes through Sunday. Gunnar is going out again today and Tate tomorrow, so we're still hoping. Stay dry!

Sara McD said...


I keep thinking that Gunnar got sprayed by a skunk. I get you now.

Bow season is just ending here and shotgun starts Saturday I think. Pretty sure it goes, bow, gun, bow, then some weird exceptions with the entire season running from some time in October all the way until December 22. The Amish kid from up the block hunts on our property. I THINK this is the first year he's old enough to go with the adults during gun season. Letting a few people hunt is how we line our freezer. :)

Choate Family said...

99.4 miles. That is a God thing for sure, my friend!

Sara McD said...

Well. If your post didn't remind me to renew triple A, my husband getting stranded on his way to work in the snow today certainly did. :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Uh-oh! Somebody help him out?

Sara McD said...

Yeah, me. :)