Saturday, November 28, 2015


... was wonderful :D

With Wyatt and Tate working like crazy this week, they weren't as available as they have been in the past...

Aren't they cute?  I think that was 2011.

but they did their part when they could, and Gunnar was an extra big help :D

Earlier in the week we had some stormy weather - even got some snow in the hills just above us.

I had the work spread over a few days... some cleaning on Monday,
and then a lot of cooking on Tuesday:
the mashed potatoes,
two apple pies,
and Old Tom.

I had to get a picture, since he looked so good!
But I love getting all the meat off the carcass,
and getting everything all cleaned up and ready to go.
So much easier to do it ahead, without a house full of people!

And we did have a house full, with fifteen family members and a couple of friends besides.

Hmmm, my sister looks like the food doesn't meet with her approval!

Most years I put two long tables end-to-end so we can all be together,
but this year - with more people - it worked better to separate the tables.
(Only by a few feet - we're still together!)

Tried to get a family photo, but my camera just isn't focusing sharply.  Rats.
But we're all here!

 Wyatt and Tate both had Thanksgiving AND Friday off, and planned a movie day with Uncle Dave,
then spent the evening with Kerry's brother (Uncle Patrick) and family playing computer games and watching another movie.  (I think there was someone there who had never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and that needed to be remedied, because OF COURSE.

All of which gave me a whole, lovely, quiet day with the house to myself.
And you know what that means?
Christmas music and Christmas decorations!
No tree yet - a little early, since we get a live one,
but maybe next weekend :D

27 days until Christmas ;D


Choate Family said...

Looks like your Thanksgiving was a huge success!

Felicity said...

Hey!!! Guess what?? We spent Thanksgiving in Lynden..!!! We have almost all got our visas now - just the two little ones to still get (we left them with babysitters). We had a great time, and it looks like you did too!
I know I've been a lousy communicator, and an even worse blogger.... what can I say.... busy busy.. I'll try to get an email off soon.