Monday, December 14, 2015

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Monday, December 14, 2015

Outside my window...
about 40F and raining,
which is not so pleasant here,
but means lots of snow up in the mountains :D

This is what it looks like when you drive up to the
Mt. Baker Ski Area.

The funny thing is that these photos were undoubtedly taken in the spring.
This one (below) was probably June or even July, 
because I know exactly where that is -
they're clearing the road to Artists Point.

Wyatt just left to go pick up Tate from school.
I just love being able to dispatch a Minion on an errand ;D

Eleven days to go, and I think I'm
I'll do some more baking
(because cookies don't last long around here)
but for the most part, ready.
That feels good :D

for work to keep coming in for Kerry,
for everyone to be healthy,
for good attitudes with all the togetherness of the holidays.

Tate is back to normal - whew!
We had a fun time with family yesterday :D

blue jeans,
white t-shirt,
navy blue sweater.

I'm so very close to being done wrapping,
and then I can start on the batch of baby quilts I want to make.

Nah, just kidding.
Tired of the (happy) clutter of gifts and wrapping all over my office.
That changes SOON.
(It will all be downstairs, under the tree.)

Looking forward to...
the boys have a CAP holiday party tomorrow night that should be fun.
Some years they do a formal "Dining Out"
(which, in a confusing example of military terminology,
is not going "out" as in "out to a restaurant",
but dining IN with OUTsiders - i.e. spouses and family),
but this year it's a casual, low-key, pizza-games-cookies sort of thing.

In the kitchen...
having dinner for lunch,
since Tate works through the evening today.
But what?
Probably chicken :D

In the learning rooms...
there is much rejoicing.
* WYATT - had his finals last week and now has a three week Christmas break.
* TATE - has public school all week, but that's just half-time,
and has only a little homeschool work (a chapter of Civics).
* GUNNAR - has very little homeschool - some math, a little language work, and some reading.
So, HURRAY, it almost feels like we're on break already.

Around the house...
It's kind of a dark day, so I'm really appreciating all the Christmas lights :D

The Mother Load...
when I dig out my office, I'll find that list...

A favorite quote for today...
Does anyone else grit their teeth when someone says,
"I'm a Jesus-follower,"
or is it just me?

I want to say,
"So you're not a Christian?"

What is UP with that?  Trendy?
You're too hip for those old-school "Christians"?

Doug Wilson has this to say...

There is a certain kind of Christian that wants to be known as a "Jesus follower,"
but there is an unspoken proviso that there be no actual following of the hard sayings of Jesus...
There is a certain kind of Christian that is less a Jesus follower and more or less just a follower.

One of my favorite things...
getting our errands done early in the morning,
before the hordes descend from the north ;D

A Bible verse or devotional thought...
our chapel posts Advent readings
(written by regular, ordinary chapel members)
every Christmas and Easter.
You can read them here,
if you're interested.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
finish our homeschool work ASAP :D
finish wrapping the last few gifts and reclaim my space,
try to have some friends over :D

A peek into my world...
The boys and I were talking
(before the event)
about getting together with my dad's side of the family.
Different ones of us take turns hosting,
but Gunnar didn't remember having it here at our house...
"That must have been a long time ago, Mom."

So since I took NO photos yesterday,
I scanned back through the blog and,
here we all are,
in 2013.

I guess when you're fourteen,
two years ago seems like a long time?

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Sara McD said...

Ahhh break time. We still have about four more days of work. But the tree is going up tonight! We had to get a scrawny one too.

I think of the Jesus follower thing as someone who wants you to know that they are not just culturally Christian, nominally Christian, not just part of a Christian family with a Christian heritage, not Christian by birth (as if there could be such a thing), not just belonging to a Christian denomination, but an actual believer. Some people used to say Born Again Christian to make the same point. I try to take it in that spirit because I know that they are probably trying to communicate something specific with their words, not just trying to be trendy. I can see myself using that phrase in order to be specific. Besides, according to Acts 11 Christians weren't always called Christians. So, does that help your TMJ at all?