Saturday, December 19, 2015

Note To Self...

... and any other sewing friends,


It's from the devil.

One normal wash, and three hot washes later, and the color-catcher is STILL coming out pink.

Fortunately, I didn't buy it.
My sis gave me a big (new) fitted sheet she didn't want,
so FREE :D

So far, I've made a table cloth - 
the only one I own that will fit our table with ALL the leaves in-
and as long as I remember to wash it ALONE,
I'm home free.

But I had in mind to use a big chunk I have left as the backing for a baby quilt,
but on second thought...


Back to the drawing board...


Sara McD said...

Too bad! Red in a quilt is so nice (my color!), but if it turns everything else in it pink...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm glad to use red, but the red flannel... just runs, and runs, and runs. Too bad - it would be so cozy!