Sunday, December 6, 2015

It's Deja Vu All Over Again...

.... and not the good kind.

He may look pale and sick, but...

Why does everything happen to Tate?  Not that I'd wish ill on either of the other boys, but it just doesn't seem fair.

Let me back up.  Let me explain.  No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.  (Bonus points if you know the quote!)

Tate came into my room in the night asking for medicine and then PASSED OUT.  He must have felt it coming before he could tell me, because he was lowering himself to the floor and didn't have a bad fall - thank the Lord!  He was unresponsive for a at least a minute.  That may not sound like long, but when your kid is suddenly and inexplicably unconscious it feels like forever.  And when he came to, he didn't remember what happened.  And then he talked about a crushing weight on his chest/abdomen.  And then, after we eased him into our bed (it's pretty cold on the floor in December) he passed out AGAIN, while he was lying down.  Followed directly by projectile vomiting.  (That was a lot of  And then's but I'm not editing right now.)

Needless to say, that bought him a trip to the ER.  Which is busier at 4am than you might think.

... look! What a fabulous gown!

If you've known me for long, this might sound familiar.  They ran some tests, which came back fine.  (I was especially relieved at the EKG - his heart is GREAT.)  And the tentative conclusion was also the same - probably Vasovagal syncope.  (Here or here.)  Basically his body (specifically his vagus) is over-reacting to something.  He's fighting a cold and running a low fever, so that's probably "it".  The doc said his vagus may be more "sensitive" than other people's.  The "over-reaction" causes a drop in blood going to the brain, and out-go-the-lights.

And the special Glowy Finger upgrade all the cool kids want.

By about 10am, he was able to walk around the loop without feeling dizzy or passing out, and they released us to go home - hallelujah.  We've had hot showers and "washed the hospital off", and Tate is having a movie marathon (punctuated by naps.)  No school or work tomorrow - doctor's orders.

In a strange but timely coincidence, I'd scheduled his annual well-check tomorrow, so we'll see what his regular doc has to say about all this.

Meanwhile, I'm thankful it doesn't appear to be more serious (though no fun at all!), and thankful for our easy access to great medical care :D  And praying we won't have any more of these episodes.


The dB family said...

Well this is just a marvelous post for me to start playing catch up with.:o) I don't care what anyone says, but a minute seems like forever when your child has passed out. Hope Tate continues to feel better! I'm going to be looking up vagus now.

Crystal in Lynden said...

Darn! That was scary! So glad he's feeling better.

Anonymous said...

looks like Wyatt! Hope Tate feels better soon!

Monica said...

it does seem that Tate is the one who is more often "stricken"... Hope he is resting and feeling better soon. That must have been very scary!

dlefler said...

Oh my goodness! Tate gets the award for random hospitalizations! I'm glad he's (relatively) OK and is doing better now.