Monday, December 21, 2015

Because Shepherds in Bathrobes and Angels with Tinsel Are Adorable

We had our annual Wiser Lake Chapel Kids' Christmas Program.

It was awesome.

It's awesome because ALL the kids participate.
The little ones are adorable in their tinsel and bathrobes,
the middle kids get speaking roles (note the "scientists" in the center back),
and the older kids are readers.
And just in case you were wondering,
the two on the right, in the grass skirts?
Adam and Eve.

And what's even more awesome is that -
being in charge of the littles (preschool/kindy-ish) -
I spent my whole evening trying to get them to walk
in a line
on and off the stage
a total of SIX TIMES.

And they're not even all homeschoolers,
but still,
walk in a line?
When we all want to hurry?
Because we're all Very Excited?!?!

But it's awesome,
because it's the chapel.
There's no pressure to be perfect.

Heck, I had one little angel that had only been to one "rehearsal",
and another little angel that just showed up that night and wanted to be in the program.
Why not?

And the whole thing was hilarious.
In a good way.
Because working with preschoolers and kindergarteners
(and some a little older) is awesome.
I mean, when else do you get to say things like:

Yes, you need to keep your shoes on.
Yes, really, you need to keep your shoes on.
Put it back on.

Stop picking.
Yes, you, get your finger out of your nose.
Thank you.

Please don't chew on the tinsel.

Give her halo back.

I know you want the longer angel robe,
but her robe isn't actually longer than yours -
she's shorter than you.

When you're singing the songs and you don't know the words,
stop staring up at the lyrics projected on the rear wall.
You can't read yet.
Watch Mrs. T, and do the motions she's doing,
and just sing the words you know!

They did it :D

They forgot how to walk in a line.
Their shepherd head-dress-things slid down over their eyes.
They left a trail of tinsel wherever they went.
They managed NOT to tip over the rickety, wobbly old manger.
They "sang" the songs and did the motions.

And it was lovely.

But I think my favorite year of all was
THIS year ;D


Choate Family said...

He DID make a pretty cute angel :-)

Rebecca D said...

So sweet... I love the "she is shorter" Hahahahaha