Friday, March 18, 2016

Almost Spring

And that means:

There's a bit more light for our morning walks (especially when we're kind of slow to get going ;D)

The lawn got its first mow (love that smell)

And... we have colds.

This is what happens when three boys share a bedroom, and one of them is coughing so much he's keeping his brothers awake.  Of course, he can't hear a thing.  But he's graciously "camping" in the family room for a few nights.

Since it's Friday (no homeschool work scheduled),
Gunnar and I were in no big hurry to rush through our walk and get on to our school work.
And it was such a glorious morning!

Once the trees leaf out, this view goes away.

But this remains open year-round.
That's Lummi Island on the left, and Orcas Island on the right.

In the woods, we saw plenty of evidence of the recent windstorms.  Lots of trees on their sides with the roots standing up on end.  Also, lots of trees starting to lean, but still kind-of-sort-of anchored.

We love how this one seems to make a little cave or den underneath.
Sorry it's so blurry - it's a lot darker in the woods than the photo would make you think.

This tree fell and lodged against a maple that has really bent around it!

And this cedar... we don't walk under that.

Love this knobby old maple, covered with moss, and...

... licorice fern.

Gunnar loves this tree...

I may still see snow out my windows, but spring really is coming ;D


Ann said...

Doug can identify with that hacking cough, and we can all identify with the colds! Praying for Tate to get well soon!

Monica said...

We are passing colds around here as well. Because one day it's 80 and the next it's 30! Love all the pictures you share. In Missouri we set our clocks up in the spring. Now the morning is very dark and daylight until late. I prefer the light morning. Makes it easier to get up and get going.
Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!!