Saturday, March 5, 2016

Scatterday Brain Dump

Yes, it's Saturday, and there was much rejoicing.
It's been a big, big week.

1.  I took a big step into the modern world and got an iPhone.  The salesman had his work cut out for him.  I've already been back once for a tutorial on How To Do Things, and I'll probably be back again.  He showed me a few things and then I was like this:

I think he was in shock when I told him that not only is this my first smart phone, this is my first cell phone.  (Yes, Virginia, people can live without them.)  But I had Reasons.

2.  Reason Number One: Circle.  By Disney.

This device is a means to monitor, limit, and filter your family's internet.  At this point, it's an investment in accountability.  I can see exactly what everyone does with their internet.  They call it circle, I call it 

The Ring of Power.

You can find our more here, if you're interested.

3.  Also, well, it was time.  Phones are getting more complex awesome all the time, and if I don't get this figured out now... well... time to Figure It Out.  

Plus, there's Grandma Lydia.  Kerry's cousins' grandma is one hundred six years old.  And she has facebook.  Yes, one hundred six years old.  I'm inspired.  So I have a phone, and now I'm even on facebook.  

Will wonders never cease.

4.  The Rainbow.  Tuesday night.  It was amazing.

The boys, of course, immediately started in with, "What does it meeeeaaaaan???"

(You've seen this, right?)

But they were just joking... we had no drugs on board ;D

5.  Knitting.  I keep trying.  It would probably help if I didn't grip the needles and yarn so tightly.  You'd think they were going to jump up and kill me if they got away or something.  *sigh*

But anyway... Bea taught me to do this:

Still your basic, square (ish) washcloth, but... With A Border!

My skills obviously still need work.  The first half, which is the increasing half (started bottom left in both photos) looks a lot better than the decreasing half (top right).  Well, these are just for me, so no big deal.

This intrigues me though:

This is what happens when you make the absolutely most basic square washcloth (only the knit stitch) with variegated yarn.  The wavy pattern is pretty cool!  Bea was much impressed, because hers don't do this.  (Because she's doing the diagonal pattern, so the color variation doesn't repeat evenly.)  

Anyway, it's kind of fun :D

6.  Gunnar and I had a good walk this morning.  When I looked outside and saw this...

... I thought we'd better hustle to beat the rain, but right now it's sunny.  We'll see if it lasts.

7.  Doesn't really matter, because today is Hobbit Day!  My brother is on his way up from Seattle to join us for an extended version Hobbit marathon.  The plan is to watch two today, and one after church tomorrow.  I've been gathering the necessary snacks.  I'm fresh out of lembas bread, but traditionally the boys expect... Cadbury Eggs.  Because.

8.  In spite of all the sitting we'll be doing, I'm feeling pretty productive today.  Gunnar and I went on a longer walk than usual, and then... the cooking.
* baked oatmeal for breakfast (Wyatt's request)
* giant crock pot 'o chili for tonight's dinner
* cornbread to go with the chili
* empty rolls for my Sunday school kids, because we'll be talking about the resurrection and the empty tomb.  I swiped this photo from the inter webs.  Mine are not nearly that good looking ;D

9.  It's about time to go, and the natives are getting restless.  So I leave you with a couple of thoughts for the weekend:

Amen to that.

Then there's this limerick... can you "read" it?

And yes, just YES.


Rebecca D said...

I want to AMEN everything on your post! Welcome to "the Facebook" as my mother calls it... Always with "the" in front... It makes me laugh so hard I have adopted it!

Sara McD said...

I got a dozen and a gross. I forgot about a score. and then you get all tricksy with the square root thingies. I don't have to learn that for a couple more years. (Yes, I've had to relearn nearly all the math they supposedly taught me in public school and it turns out I'm actually pretty good!) off to google mathematical limericks.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Rebecca, I keep saying "I have a facebook", like it's a blog. My boys roll their eyes.

Sara - I'll tell you the answer to it if you like, but in the mean time... your blog is private and I can't read it any more. If you meant to do that - totally your choice, but just wanted to make sure you knew.


Choate Family said...

Julie, I needed those smiles your post caused! Welcome to the world of iPhones and Facebook and all of the wonderful extra ways we can stay in touch with those we love :-)

Doug Hibbard said...

I get 81=81.

So that tells you if the creativity runs from my side of the family or not.

Sara McD said...

Yeah, I stopped blogging for now and having it open felt like pressure. Stupid, right? I'll open it up when I feel like writing again. Or… I don't know… I guess I could just make it public and leave it alone… hmm. Maybe.

Lisa said...

What size needles do you use for your all knit washcloth? And thank you for making me feel better about my figure!☺

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hi Lisa :D
Glad to bring you a smile!
I've been using size 8's mostly. I'm learning - and it's a process! - not to knit so tightly