Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Outside my window...  our poor dogwood tree lost another branch in the latest windstorm.  Just dispatched Wyatt to cut it off cleanly and tidy up the mess.

Hearing...  the washer, the dryer, and Kerry discussing his 'plumbing' (you'll thank me not to share details ;D)

Pondering...  the pros and cons of facebook.  *sigh*

Praying....  for everyone to feel well - we've had some sickness come through the family.  Nothing to worry about, but I'd really like Tate to get over the cough that is keeping him (and others) from sleeping.

Thankful...  I finished my part of our tax prep and handed that off to Kerry for the accountant.  Love the relief that brings.  I'll love it even more if we get a nice, fat refund, but I'm not sure that's in the cards this year.

Wearing...  jeans, thick socks, white turtleneck, red sweater.  It's cold again!

Creating...  order from chaos in my office / craft space.  Whew!

Going....  off to violin lesson with Gunnar :D

Reading...  just got a copy of Don't Follow Your Heart, by Jon Bloom - looks refreshing.

Learning...  to hold the knitting needles just a little bit more loosely!

Looking forward to...  swapping the school room with my office.

In the kitchen...  it's Tuesday.  It's pizza day.  Because, you know... gotta get our Little Caesar's on the Ides of March ;D

In the learning rooms...  need to finish up math with Gunnar.

Around the house...  all three boys are home :D

The Mother Load...  must sit down with the older boys and help them with their taxes.  Ahhh, remember the days of the EZ form?

Noticing that...  our Christmas tree.  It's gone.  I mean, we took it outside after Christmas, and we were going to haul it up to my parents', to burn.  And now it's gone.  ?????

Something to remember for later...  Gunnar, excited because the new blow dryer should arrive today.  Because this boy needs a blow dryer...

It's for their foundry - it's their bellows (because they burned up the one they borrowed from me).  I mean, why else would any self-respecting fourteen year old boy be excited about a blow dryer?!

He reminded me of Steve Martin... "The new phone books are here!  The new phone books are here!"

One of my favorite things...  as Gunnar continues to practice his violin, well, there's still some squawking.  But a lot more music shining through :D

A Bible verse/devotional thought...  Elizabeth Elliot, quoting George Elliot:

You are seeking your own will, my daughter. You are seeking some good other than the law you are bound to obey. But how will you find good? It is not a thing of choice: it is a river that flows from the foot of the Invisible Throne, and flows by the path of obedience. I say again, man cannot choose his duties. You may choose to forsake your duties, and choose not to have the sorrow they bring. But you will go forth; and what will you find, my daughter? Sorrow without duty — bitter herbs, and no bread with them.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  the boys have CAP tonight, there's a craft night at the chapel on Thursday (fun!), and Gunnar is going to McChord on Saturday for "Staff Selection Day", or something like that.  Because he wants to work at Cascade Falcon, the CAP version of boot camp.  Because - get this - he is perfectly willing and even excited to pay $325 for the privilege of working for them for ten days, when he could work at home for me for free.  Go figure.  ;D

A peek into my world...  this morning and yesterday morning, we had this:

Yes, yes indeed, that is fresh snow.  At our house it's in the low 40s.

Gunnar and I had to run an errand to Walmart yesterday morning, and in my opinion, they're a lot more optimistic about spring than I am.

That's great, Walmart, just great.


Deanna Gemmer said...

Dani is really fascinated by string instruments these days, but after hearing a beginning violin recital last week, I'm not sure my nerves could handle it. The piano is a little nicer to my ears when it comes to a beginning student.

We've asked each of our girls to do piano for two years and then they can keep it up, switch to another instrument, or pick a different activity. Daisy is in the middle of her second year and I really hope she keeps it up, she is so good and is an amazing sight reader.

Dani is eager to start her piano lessons this fall. My hunch is that she'll switch over to guitar or violin or even cello after piano.

And actually, piano and violin combos are some of my favorite, so one of each in the family could be consolation for enduring those years of screeching.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You're smart to start with piano - definitely more "beginner friendly". If you get your finger on the right key, you get the right note. So much of the violin is by ear! Gunnar's getting it, but it's still tough! When the boys are grown I'd love to take cello lessons, myself!

Choate Family said...

I'll support you through those cello lessons, Julie!! Katherine is about to play on her first cello "recital", and I've been reminded of the glorious sounds of beginning string players. I really enjoyed teaching junior high and high school orchestra :-)

As much as I'm a fan of slow food and cooking at home and nourishing my family with local, organic, etc, food...I do miss those $5 hot and ready pizzas from time to time!

Ann said...

I think you might be able to find a cello teacher. She's commented she can teach via Skype! :)

Olivia SAYS she's practicing violin, but I've actually never heard a single note. I think she's falling more and more in love with the piano. We're trying to wade through the options to find a good and affordable teacher!

I laughed at the Wal-Mart comment. Around here, it's the other way around. We start seeing jackets and sweaters and fall stuff when it's still in the 90's. Not fun. Not fun at all! :)