Friday, April 27, 2018

A Solution?

It's great that the boybarians are willing to use things more than once.
We don't have to wash
every single thing
every single time
it gets used.

Bath towels.
Drinking glasses.

But you know what's not great?
Multiple identical drinking glasses all over the kitchen counter because,
I'l use it again.

Yah, but... 
Which one is yours?

So I think I have a solution.

It's basically a communal coaster that sits right next to the sink.

Everyone has a color.

Know your color.
Put your glass on your color.

So far so good - the boys are cooperating.

So why did I find the husband's glass... 
on the counter, right next to his space???

Wish me luck.


Monica said...

Yes, Hubby's are more resistant to this type of thing. I did things like this around the house (although not this creative and beautiful) and hubby would NEVER quite buy in. {{sigh}} If I could get three kids to comply that was at least some progress.
Hope your weather is lining out and you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I also had 3 kids at home. We bought each one a different colored glass and it stayed that way all the while they lived at home. We live on a farm 15 miles from a grocery store--I had to limit milk to my son to a quart a day. He is 30 yr old, 6 ft 4 1/2 inches tall, size 15 feet--so limiting milk did not slow down his growth! But I had to make sure there was always Koolade and iced tea in the fridge so he wouldn't grab the milk. He is a water drinker , too. Good luck! Love the "boybarians"

anna said...

YELP I remember those days, I too had different color glasses( and other stuff) for my boys. Too Funny thanks for the memory!

grammajudyb said...

It's hard to retrain a husband, but just remember you are training future husbands! And someday, a young woman with thank-you. I'll never forget the first time my daughter-in-law thanked me for teaching my son to not touch her sewing scissors!!. I like the idea of the many colored coaster! It's just me and my DH and still the glasses thing is an issue!

Bev said...

That was fun to read! My kids are grown and now my husband uses about 6 glasses a day! Husbands are hard to train. I enjoyed reading your intro and hope you get a few awed days!

Jena Webber said...

Don't look now but the Organizing mommy is back to blogging. You are the first person I thought of. I hope she's still alive. I miss that grasshopper lady.