Tuesday, April 10, 2018


A good friend from the chapel asked me to make her a tree skirt -
photos here.

In planning a quilt, I generally overestimate the fabric a bit
because I don't want to run short and have to try to find more of the same.
But between working with Really Large Pieces on the tree skirt
and maybe - just maybe - my math skills failing me,
we REALLY overbought on the fabric.

So I did this.

The flimsy...

The blocks finish at five inches, so it's about 40" x 40".
Not big enough to snuggle under, but maybe pretty on the table,
or to hang on the wall.

... and the finished product.

I backed it with the metallics...

Not too complex (whew!),
and I'm happy with how it came out :D

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Monica said...

You are one talented lady my friend! :) It's beautiful!!