Tuesday, April 24, 2018


We have finished, painted trim!
And closet doors!
Window trim!
Door trim!
Floor trim!

I'm a little excited.

See how the windows (above) just have wallboard right up to the 2x4s?

Now they look like this:

And the boys' closet and door that used to look like this...

... now look like this!

Their other window looks good too :D

I don't have any good "before" of my office/craft room, but look!

 I know, I know...
you're probably thinking,

"Ummmm, it's a window."

Yah.  But it's a window WITH PAINTED TRIM, instead of the raw edges of the dry wall and 2x4s.

Our hallway closets, formerly hung with curtains (pushed up here, for cleaning)

... were temporarily kind of a carnival fun-house...

But now look fabulous!

Our bedroom also had curtains hanging over the closets... 

... now look so clean and bright and uncluttered!

And I'm hoping that finally, finally we'll say goodbye to winter.
So I've changed the bedroom from flannel sheets and the down comforter...

... to spring sheets and a quilt I made. 

Okay, spring, I'm ready.
Don't fail me now.

1 comment:

Felicity said...

Hi Julie,

I'm still around... starting to read blogs again! It's been good seeing what you're up to, and even more fun to recognize many names of places you talk about :-)

We're pretty tired of the cold weather and rain... definitely wishing for spring to arrive properly!

Take care.