Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Get Well Soon... Or Else.

I mentioned yesterday that my cousin's husband just had his appendix out.  He's doing fine, as far as I know, and they got to it before it ruptured.  You should have seen the look of relief on Tate's face when we heard that news.

So yesterday I asked the boys to write or draw a get-well message for Mike.  But maybe - just maybe - having them do that immediately after a long discussion of World War I might've been a tactical error.


Gunnar drew a fully-armed soldier pointing his finger right at the viewer (a la the Uncle Sam "We want YOU!" posters).  And this is what the soldier is saying.
Now listen!  You get better!  That's a order!  So get better, otherwise you're going to be in trouble!  So get better, savvy?

Wyatt wrote a nice note.
Dear Mike,
We're very sorry to hear that your appendix has been sabotaged, but we're glad to hear they removed it before the saboteurs could detonate the explosives.  Get well soon.
From: Wyatt

While Tate put his heart and soul into this somewhat obscure missive.
I am very sorry to hear that something so entirely useless was redeployed in oblivion, as the revolutionary Appendicides nearly obliterated your body's economic system and government.  Luckily foreign intervention came before the vast armies of Viruses marched in to aid the Appendicides and now your economic system and government are saved - you're on the way to recovery.
From Tate

In Tate's interpretation the Evil Appendicides are waging full-scale war against Mike.  Fortunately "foreign intervention" (aka surgery) arrived before the Evil Appendicides could be joined by their allies, the Viruses (infection).


Now wouldn't you feel all warm and fuzzy and comforted?!


Abi's Blog said...

Laughing out loud! I love it - I taught fourth grade writing for several years. :)

Organizing Mommy said...

NO lacking for creativity around your home! Fun stuff.

melanie said...

The poor guy! It will hurt so badly when he laughs at those wonderful well-wishes!

Really. So much better than a Mom-dictated note.

Gunnar's speaks with the voice of The Duke.

I think I'm starting to crave a John Wayne movie instead of some BBC drama...

Choate Family said...

Any time I need to smile, your family always delivers. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Felicity said...

Your kids are absolutely brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

always good for giggles....thanks boys!

Cape Town

Traci said...

I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!

The dB family said...

Hilarious!! I think I would feel better. Just knowing the thought and work your boys put into the cards gives me warm fuzzies (and a lot of chuckles too).


amber waves of grain said...

I am laughing SO HARD! I love the creativity of your boys. Sure beats "Get well soon."

Cathy M. said...

So funny! Those will be keepers for sure!