Monday, January 24, 2011

Grasshopper Days 1-24-11

Grasshopper Days

For today, 1-24-11

Outside my window...  still quite dark (7:50am) and cloudy.  No rain at the moment, but undoubtedly more on the way.  When it gets lighter I can take a picture of The Steps,
now finished and usable.

I am thinking...  felt really yucky when I woke up this morning.  Hope this day improves.

I am thankful for...  not having anywhere I need to go today.

I am praying for...  peace and kindness between the boys... gets harder on these cold, damp, rainy days when they are mostly cooped up inside.  *sigh*

I am wearing...  gray sweats, thick socks, slippers.  Bo-ring.

I am creating...  thinking about making a bed-size quilt for our bedroom, but the size intimidates me.
Maybe...  ?

I am going...  nowhere today :D  Ready to get the tree out of my living room,
but not put away all the winter decor.

I am reading...  just about to finish Peace Child (Don Richardson) with the boys, having "edited" a couple chapters they can read when they're older.  Ew.

I am hoping...  for a burst of energy!

I am hearing...  rain dripping.

I am remembering...  sailing in warm places.

From the learning rooms...  a great deal of frustration, crankiness, and trouble concentrating, this morning.  I think we're really feeling the effects of not keeping to a more consistent schedule (sleep!)

Learning about - Joseph Stalin, words with volv and rota, common denominators and adding and subtracting fractions, writing a good paragraph, Paul and Silas and the Philippian jailor, the volume of spheres, cones, and pyramids.

From the kitchen...  I was going to cook a turkey today but decided to eat up left-over pizza instead and cook the bird tomorrow.

Around the house...  we've been moving everything around in the family room, and now I want to move everything.  Clean (out) everything.  But I'm still feeling pretty blah today.
Weather?  Hormones?  Germs?  All of the above?
A nap sounds good, but no time now...

On my mind...  oh, there must be something.


A cozy chair, a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book.
Which would probably add up to a nap.

Noticing that...  it's raining harder.  So hard it's like fog - hard to see through.

Pondering these words... 
In my many years I have come to a conclusion that
one useless man is a shame,
two is a law firm,
and three or more is a congress.
 - John Adams

One of my favorite things...  peace and quiet.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  getting back on schedule!

Here is a picture I am sharing...

... from the model RR museum.
Uh... nice dog.


Felicity said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon! If I don't keep to a decent sleep schedule I start feeling like something the dog threw up...
We've beenhaving LOTS of rain here, but I'm enjoying it ;-)

Anonymous said...

love your word what conclusion did you come to? My pondering has lead to .... the truth!

amber waves of grain said...

I like your quote! :)

melanie said...

missed this yesterday...

A dog? what is it really?

Did you get a nap or an early bedtime?? Hope so =) Shouldn't that just be part of the winter culture?
It's mostly great having older kids, but 8pm bedtimes sound dreamy too...

The dB family said...

After I figured out what a bo-ring was, I read on. That is one interesting dog. Wonder what breed it is :oD. Hope you're feeling better today.