Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sad. Just Very Sad

  • Much-hyped and eagerly anticipated snow-storm begins to fall Tuesday night.
  • Ecstatic children go to bed, anticipating abandoning schoolwork to play in snow.
  • Snow storm turns to driving rain by 4am.
  • Very Sad Children wake to dark, depressing, soggy world.
  • Helpful Dad announces that government schools are closed, due to fear of (failed) snow-ma-geddon.
  • Very Sad Children imagine government school students partying all day, presumably with pizza and unlimited access to electronics.
  • Very Sad Children not consoled by the knowledge that government school students actually spending a rainy day at home, and will be making up missed day in June, when we will be enjoying sunny days at the lake.
  • Apparently impossible to imagine anything pleasant while learning grammar, accompanied by the sound of driving rain, and chunks of melted ice rattling along gutters and downspouts.
  • Cruel Mother must somehow be to blame.
  • Cruel Mother forces children to apply themselves to Grueling Homeschool Lessons.
  • Finished before lunch.
  • Very Sad Children only marginally consoled by visit to favorite doughnut shop and movie rental.  
And that was a Very Sad Day.


melanie said...

Very sad,
said One Cruel Mother to Another.

he he he

Or is that,

bwaaaaa ha ha ha ha

Doug Hibbard said...

Homeschool dad at this end saddened by lack of donut shop with which to be consoled.

Ann said...

Should I confess to deriving great - as in laughing out loud (well as loudly as I can with very little voice) - pleasure from such sadness?

mommagurl32 said...

Hate disappointing my kids! Or rather, I hate dealing with the pouty kids that are disappointed...either way its sad!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Favorite Doughnut Shop is a true, neighborhood institution. I think Gunnar may have broken the cardinal rule:

Never eat anything bigger than your head.

leah said...

I am totally cracking up over here. Perhaps the dear children need to be reminded that the government school children normally sit in a classroom until 3:00pm and then have to go home and do HOMEWORK. I think I'd take a rainy day of schooling at home (efficiently learning) any day! LOL!

FairyLover said...

I go through this every time we have bad weather. He just doesn't understand why he has school when the other kids do not. But he loves it when he does not have school and the other kids do.

Kathi Still trying to figure out science for my 3rd grader.

Anonymous said...

as we say in South Africa......aaaawwwwww shame, poor, poor mom stuck inside with the children all day long!

Q said...

Praying for your depraved and abused children.


Anonymous said...

I am your lurker from Glasgow, Scotland, and I found your blog via Team Pyro.
You make me smile, thank you for cheering my days!


The dB family said...

Sad indeed! They will not remember this sad day in June when they're at the lake, but they will be smiling at all the other poor children who are still in school.