Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Happy boys, because there is snow.
Happy me, because it is light and beautiful.
And happy family, because the boys run their energy off outside
for hours and hours in the cold, fresh air.

You can't imagine how excited the boys were to get snow, after a disappointingly green Christmas.
Their favorite sledding hill had melted off a bit, due to traffic and southern exposure,
so they quickly got to work gathering snow,
and building up a sled path along the side of the road.
The neighbor's ditch makes a perfect U-shaped toboggan run!

Progress was interrupted by the inevitable.

 Then they shifted their activity to the other side of the house.
Why do they never work this hard on my projects?!

A little parental guidance was required as anyone past puberty is clearly a big spoil-sport
and thinks that - just perhaps - building your sled run right into the street
may not be the best idea.
A curved embankment to turn the sleds to the side will help.

Here is most of the neighborhood pack.
The eight boys are at the core,
(Wyatt is standing in the background)
and two of the three little sisters joined in as well.


Cutzi said...

Oh! You are so lucky! We didn't get near this much and I want it so badly.

Felicity said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

melanie said...

Hurrah for the neighborhood's gracious grasshopper mama!

The dB family said...

What a fun time!! Is that Tate waaay in the back in the last photo?

Btw, I like Grasshopper Days for your Monday posts.