Monday, January 10, 2011

Grasshopper Days 1-10-11

Grasshopper Days

For Today, January 10, 2011

 Outside my window...  snow!  Much to the boys' excitement, we got about three inches of snow Saturday night.  Enough for sledding and snowballs and - I hope - maybe a snowman today?

I am thinking...  the Daybook needs a new name
Grasshopper Days?  Too weird?
The original daybook site (here) is just a link service now.  The original "host" isn't posting there anymore.  And since my goal is not primarily to attract new readers (but to keep a record of our days) I don't think I'll be linking anymore.  Anyway...
Grasshopper Days?  Or suggestions?

I am thankful for...  snow!  Because it makes the boys so happy.
And I love the extra light.  These dark, dreary days can get me down, but the white snow covering everything makes a huge difference.  It's amazing.  I don't mind the cold of winter, but the darkness.  And this is cheering.

I am praying for...  my cousin (well, okay, he's my cousin's husband) Mike, who just had his appendix out last night.  Surprise!  He's doing fine, but feel free to pray for his recovery.  Also, he just started a new job a week ago and is concerned about having to miss work so soon.

I am wearing...  layers, people, lots of layers.  Brrrr!  It's cold out there!

I am going...  nowhere.  Staying off the icy roads.

I am reading...  on a little binge.  Just finished three books and am reading
Notes From a Small Island.
Love Bill Bryson.

I am hoping...  Kerry's surge in work continues.
He's BUSY!  This hasn't happened for months!

I am hearing...  boys playing downstairs.  Must get back to schoolwork.

I am remembering...  hot summer days.  When my fingers weren't going numb.

From the learning rooms...  dividing by 3, 6, and 9, the Russian revolution, pyro/flam roots, direct and indirect objects, adding and subtracting fractions, the end of World War I, and gravity.  I thought we were doing gravity last week, but it was buoyancy.
(Thank you, Bill Nye, for your videos.)

From the kitchen...  oooo, it's crock-pot weather for sure.

On my mind...  what I wouldn't give for an air-tight stove.

Noticing that...  Gunnar may be getting taller.  Must weigh and measure boys for the record.

Pondering these words...  
I'd rather have them civilized at home than socialized at school.

One of my favorite things...  the crock pot.  I may have mentioned that. ;D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  playing in the snow.

Here is a picture I am sharing...

 What the boys want to be doing...


Abi's Blog said...

We got snow too, but I'm thinking it is much more unusual (and fleeting) here. As always I enjoy your posts!
Blessings from Texas,
Glad for more work - praying helps - In fact I have worried some about our finances since I have retired and perhaps I prayed too hard - J. sure has had a LOT of overtime. :) Hope your husband's work continues steadily.

melanie said...

"Grasshopper Days" makes me laugh :D

Sorry, I'm not creative enough to offer you a better name.

Sledding on an icy hilly street looks like some fast-moving fun!

Q said...

LOVE the civilized/socialized. As for a title - check 'record' or 'log', etc in a thesaurus and see if it brings anything that's catchy when paired with 'Grasshopper'. ???

Cutzi said...

Love that civilized/socialized quote too.

Rejoicing with you at Kerry's "surge" of work. Hooray!

As a side note - my cousin, now a camera man down in L.A. used to film for Bill Nye. I've always found that to be interesting.

Felicity said...

"Grasshopper Days" seems fine, and unmistakable!
I love the civilized/socialized quote too.
Do your kids actually sled on the street?? Interesting...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

About sledding on the street...

Our neighborhood gets very little traffic - pretty much just people coming and going from their houses - not 'through-traffic".

Our house is on a corner. The street in front of us gets more traffic (makes me nervous!) but the street beside us is a dead-end, with only five or six houses up above us. THAT is the street they sled on. Generally an adult or one of the older kids will stand in the intersection, watching for cross traffic and warning the kids uphill - who should stop, or veer off to the side into yards.

At least, that's the plan, but it still makes me nervous!

melanie said...

A mama with boyish boys would/should be nervous ;-) But it's great that they can enjoy themselves (with a few precautions taken to avoid total disaster) You are not raising wimps, and that is good! :-)

Ann said...

I think I might follow your lead with the Daybook. Maybe even come up with some different sentence starters. I don't know. I haven't been posting my link, either, and I've been meaning to take off the link to Simple Woman. Anyway...I'm rambling! :-)

I like Grasshopper Days! Or Grasshopper Tidbits. Or A Grasshopper's View. Haha. Yeah, I'll stop now.

Felicity said...

Well that sounds fine then. I just asked, because on our street I don't even let the older kids out to ride their bikes... people seem to think it's part of a racing circuit here, never mind the mugging threats...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Felicity! That IS scary!

Our neighborhood isn't perfect, but it's pretty quiet and we know most of the people nearby. I'm thankful I can let the kids out to play :D

The dB family said...

I still can't believe they sled down the middle of your street! So happy for lots of work for Kerry!