Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2:16 AM


The urgency in the voice jolts me awake.  That Sound usually means either a nightmare or that someone is about to puke.


It's Gunnar.  I peek in the bedroom and see him silhouetted against the window, sitting up in bed.

What's up, Gunnar?  You all right?

No answer.  Wyatt, however is now wide awake.  (Tate, HA out, sleeping blissfully.)  Wyatt turns to Gunnar.

Gunnar, what do you need?

Again, no answer.  I walk over to the bed.  His head is on the pillow again and I kiss his forehead.
No fever.
He is sound asleep.

I stumble back to my own bed, imagining the voice-over:

This had been a test of the Emergency Mom!Help! System.  If this had been a real emergency...


melanie said...

... this sound would have been followed by news and information...

:o ack!

Did you need warm (chocolate) milk to help you sleep again??

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Just warm feet!

Ruby said...

You are a trooper!

Anonymous said...

haahaa This is so funny!

mommagurl32 said...

My oldest does this...scares me to death! I usually just elbow my husband to go check things out.


DJP said...


Choate Family said...

I love how you turn to look at the funny side of everything! Now go catch up on your sleep :-)

Anonymous said...

CUTE! Both of my kids did this. My husband would nudge me awake and I'd trip (literally) into the room to see what was up. Normally nothing. 99% of the time they had gone back to sleep.

By the way... I used your picture and mentioned you in my recent post:

H West said...

That is such a funny take on that. I can SO relate to that event.