Monday, February 28, 2011

Ladies (and Gentlemen?) : Start Your Engines...

For those of you who want to join me, tomorrow we start our month of praying scripture for our kids.  I'm excited about it.  Excited that some of you are joining in. 

I could use the accountability  =P

Sadly, my prayers of late have been more along the lines of, "Please God, help Tate stop coughing before he gags and throws up.  Again."  It has not been a glorious week.

But a week ago, (when I was in church,) guess what our pastor was preaching on?

Yep.  Prayer.  And oh boy, I wish you could've been there.  Actually, you could hear it if you want, or even read his notes.  (They're awesome.)  Here's the church website.  There's a link to sermons.  It's the series on Luke.  Look for Luke 22:39-46.

Sometimes I wonder, why pray at all?  God already knows what will happen and He knows what we need.  Better than we do, in fact.  So why?

What struck home to me was this - in prayer, I align my will with God's will.  Pastor Bert said,

Alone in prayer, Jesus conquered the cross. 

And then the zinger.  He said that Jesus prayed and He stood firm.  Peter slept and fell apart.  Ouch.

So, with a renewed awareness of my own failing, I'm ready to launch.

See ya tomorrow.


h west said...

Great idea! Nothing could be better for the kiddos. And nothing can be harder for the mamas (I mean 'prayer' being the battleground that it is). Godspeed.

The dB family said...

Oh amen! I am joining you in praying for our children albeit a little late. Thank you for sharing, dear friend!


Trisha said...

This is great. I'm just sorry I discovered it a week late. I'll just jump in where you are and do catch-up, too. Aren't homeschooling Moms great at playing catch-up? :) (although in praying...that doesn't sound too good)