Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boy Chemistry

We studied chemistry last year. 

The boys, having formed their expectations by watching Flubber, had visions of white lab coats, fizzing solutions, bubbling beakers, and-  most likely - explosions), but managed to contain their disappointment at being reduced to more mundane materials, like baking soda, purple cabbage, coffee filters, vinegar, balloons, etc.  And not blowing up the house.  In spite of the regrettable lack of drama, from their point of view, the boys enjoyed it.  And they were suitably impressed with the table of the elements and all the extraordinary and mysterious names.  Hydrogen, helium, selenium, polonium, plutonium...

... and my personal favorite, randomonium

Oh, wait, that's not on the table of elements.  No, but it definitely sounds like the boys.  Putting the three of them together sometimes, well, most of the time, sets up an exothermic reaction.  Means it gives off energy.  (And probably gas, knowing the boys.)

All it took this morning was a one-minute commercial to set them off.

Watch it here.  Trust me, it's worth it.

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H West said...

Good one. Can't wait to show the folks 'round this testozerzone.