Monday, February 7, 2011

Grasshopper Days 2-7-11

Grasshopper Days

For Today, February 7, 2011

Outside my window...  it was wild last night, but calmer this morning.  Still... gray and wet.

I am thinking...  what is it about Monday mornings?
I can just about guarantee that Gunnar will fall apart at least once, every Monday morning.
Why is this?
It's not the actual work, which is no more difficult than what he easily completes other days.
Is it a mistake to give the boys a three-day weekend?
Would more structure help?
Too tough on him?  Too easy on him?

I am thankful for... every day but Monday.

I am praying for...  Kerry and work (okay right now, just thinking ahead...),
wisdom for parenting and homeschooling,
to do everything without complaining or arguing.

I am wearing...  blue sweats, blue sweater, hair in pony tail.  Yah.

I am going...  to bake a ham this afternoon - woo-hoo!

I am reading...  The House of Sixty Fathers, with the boys.

I am hoping...  to get the bills paid, the checkbook balanced, and my desk cleaned off.
Clutter seems to just appear.  And multiply.
How does this happen?!

I am hearing...  boys outside getting exercise and fresh air.
However old you are, run that many laps around the house before you go play.

From the learning rooms...  Chiang Kai Shek, simplifying and multiplying fractions, electricity, Mao Tse Tung, signed numbers (+/-), words with reg and rect (can you guess the first one the boys thought of? I'll give you a clue, it wasn't on our vocabulary list), journal/story writing, and keyboarding.

From the kitchen...  ham!

Around the house...  our winter is getting very dull - lots of clouds, wind and rain,
but it's too soon to hope for spring.

On my mind...  what to do for Valentine's Day this year?

Noticing that...  everybody slept better last night, hallelujah.

Pondering these words..
The good news is that comedy is often merely tragedy plus time. 

One of my favorite things...  eating a meal I didn't prepare.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  early to bed and early to rise :D

Here is a picture I am sharing...  

Spent Sunday afternoon up at my parents' house, watching the Superbowl.  (Yay!)
Did NOT take this photo yesterday, as it was rainy and murky.  We were really IN the clouds.
But this is what the view is like in the evening.


Ann said...

Gorgeous picture!!!

Gramma Grasshopper said...

I'm CONFIDENT that 'the word' was.......ummmmmmm......RECTangule!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

That is gorgeous! Would Tuesday just be as bad as Monday if you took a 3 day weekend? It's an interesting experiment.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


very funny.

Ruby said...

Oh no, 48 laps before I can go play? No fair, Mumma Grasshopper!

Felicity said...

Lovely photo!!
I also enjoy food made by somebody else - it just doesn't happen too often round here ;-)

The dB family said...

That is one INCREDIBLE view! When you resolve the desks and clutter thing, will you let me know? It's a disease in this house!


Choate Family said...

We, too, face the Monday morning blues, especially after a three day weekend. This is one of the reasons why we school year round instead of taking a huge break in the summer. Continuity and routine are a good thing in this household (now if we could just find some of it!).