Friday, August 12, 2011


As in, "My yard smells..."

Utterly and completely nasty.  Foul.

Imagine, if you will, the fetid aroma of powerful body odor.  Then throw in my old summer camp cabin-mate's pungent leather tennis shoes (the ones she wore all summer, sans socks, though we begged her to stop), and an over-powering rancid aroma of morning-after garlic breath.  (Too bad blogs don't have a scratch-n-sniff feature... or maybe not.)

Yes, my friends, that is the dubious miracle that is:

Liquid Fence.

You see, I miss our old yard.  I even miss our old house.  Well, no, to be honest, not so much the house.  (I miss the old $480/month mortgage payment, but those days will never come again.)  But I miss the dirt.  We had beautiful, beautiful soil.  Yep, you heard me.  Beautiful soil.  Everything grew there!  I had vegetables. I had raspberries.  I had fruit trees.  I had roses - lovely golden roses.  And you know what I didn't have? 


The soil here is hard and dead.  It's mostly clay and has been defined by the large evergreens (like The Tree we just removed).  And when I finally manage to coax something to grow, just when it's looking good... it gets eaten to the nub overnight.

So wish me luck.  I hope the smell drives the deer away.  And not us.


Cutzi said...

Ok... thanks for that lovely description. From, the pregnant woman.

If that doesn't help - have you tried human hair? My grandparents used to live out at Birch Bay and had tons of deer. My grandma would get hair clippings from salons, put them in knee high stockings and hang them about the yard or around the base of shrubs etc. It really worked!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I think they're too used to humans. I've tried hair and they couldn't care less. I think they know we can't actually do anything.

Sigh :o(

melanie said...

Maybe y'all need to watch Swiss Family Robinson again? ...and use some of their ideas. Neighbors wouldn't like it, eh? :-\

Meanwhile, maybe some swimmers' nose plugs would be helpful?

Rebecca D said...

I'd hate to think what it is that repels them... And to think I was just complaining about a few ants... Suddenly I feel fortunate.

leah said...

It works - it really does work! NOTHING else worked in our yard, but the liquid fence did the trick. As a bonus feature, it keeps annoying neighbors away, too (g).

I have heavy tomatoes on my tomato plants, big watermelons starting to grow, apples on the apple trees... and not ONE has been nibbled. Our neighbors couldn't figure out how we managed to keep the deer away, so I showed them the bottle. That stuff is amazing.

As a side note, don't let the bottle of concentrate get broken in the car. Blech!

And I am glad blogs don't have a scratch and sniff feature.

The dB family said...

I think I can imagine well enough the stench. We live in farm country. The farmers here love to spread their liquid doo doo, or stir the tank just as one has company. It's really refreshing ;o)! I hope it works for you! It's bad enough you have blech soil, but then to actually have something growing only for it to die/disappear overnight. Well, it would drive me mad!!