Wednesday, December 14, 2011


In the spirit of holiday sharing, Wyatt and Tate brought home germs from last weekend's bivouac.  I may or may not be coming down with something.  If I am, I'm in denial.

Do. Not. Have. Time.

But I did get a Christmas letter written, get presents wrapped and under the tree (and - more importantly - out of my office), and started making treats today.  Tate, always VERY motivated to help, dipped an entire (large) bag of pretzels in white chocolate. And yes, I know it's not actually chocolate, but almond bark, really?  It's vanilla.  One of the mysteries of life, I guess.

Which reminded me of something else I want to dip... truffles.  No, not the fancy kind (I leave that to my sister).  Noooo, I've been waiting for Candy-cane Joe-joes.  You know, like mint oreos, but much, much better.  (Trader Joe's have bits of crushed candy cane in them.  Yum.)  We want Joe-joe truffles.  And I had to act fast, before certain family members (*ahem*  Kerry) eat all four boxes. 

Then when the older boys went off to youth group, Gunnar insisted on making gingerbread men, which he doesn't even really like all that well, but somehow he felt they were necessary.  And would you believe it, I don't have a gingerbread man cookie cutter?  Went to borrow one from my neighbor and she didn't either!  But she loaned us her Easter bunny cookie cutter which worked great.  With some minor modifications.  I rolled and cut out the cookies and Gunnar ripped off their ears and reshaped their heads.  He liked that part best.  As he dried and put away the dishes I mixed up a double batch of mint meringues.  No rolling, not cutting.  Just mix them up, put them in a hot oven, turn it off, and leave them in all night - easy squeezy.  That's my kind of cookie.

Now, to get said Christmas letter into cards, envelopes addressed, stamped, etc.

How hard can that be, right?


The dB family said...

You, my dear friend have pulled way ahead of me. The gifts may have been wrapped since the end of November, but I've done nothing else since -- except write out four Christmas cards. I do like your kind of goodie making! Maybe I can pull that off yet.


melanie said...

You are officially ahead of me!

Was just dozing thinking about said needed Christmas letter... wondering if I could get it done and printed at Staples tonight already? {ha} Maybe in my dreams...


Hmmm, any garlic in the house?? I've heard recently that a cut raw onion is 'supposed' to absorb the germs from you {put it in a dish by your bed while you sleep -- Yeah, sounds hokey, but... ;-)

Q said...

AAHHH!!! Praying you and any junior sickos a fast recovery. LOVE the modified bunny idea and the thought of Gunnar's custom work. Brilliant!

Choate Family said...

I have three different kinds of cookie dough in the fridge, but we're waiting until school gets out to have our baking extravaganza. BTW, what are joe-joes? Maybe I've been out of the States too long, but I have no idea what you are talking about!

dlefler said...

I love Christmas cookies - our huge bake-a-thon will occur early next week (Dennis's parents fly in next Wednesday)! I did make some chocolate crinkle cookies, but those are entirely gone. How 6 dozen cookies disappear so fast is beyond me!

I really hope the germs disappear before Christmas!

As a completely random and unrelated aside, I wonder if Tate would like contact lenses better than glasses? I think they're more expensive, though... Nolan isn't very happy about the whole "glasses" thing, either, though he's adjusted now. I think he gets frustrated by having one more piece of equipment on his head!