Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not Very Christmassy, But Real Life

There are reasons I don't go out to the garage very often.  Here you see a few of them.  (No, I don't mean The Boy.)

That makes my head want to explode.

This... well... what can I say.  It's the Testosterzone.

This, on the other hand, makes my heart sing.  Gunnar loves to take things apart and see what's inside.  He usually remembers to ask first, because - Lord have mercy - he is not so much into putting it all back together.  But, as Kerry's fax machine went belly up, he can have at it.

He doesn't just smash things, as we sometimes enjoy, but really takes them apart carefully.  Then he brings me his treasures ;D


Choate Family said...

I think taking things apart and trying to figure them out is a sign of brilliance - way to go, Gunnar!

The dB family said...

I agree with Joanna! I'm really loving your plant holder in the background too. Now I'm wondering if my BIL would give his baritone up, so I could do that too.


Ruby said...

Ah...your garage ain't got nothing on our place :-) I do not jest. It is like "Steptoe & Son" down there. My husband is a horder of car parts. It is a nightmare. Your garage looks reasonable civilized!

Ann said...

Olivia would love to just come hang out and take things apart with Gunnar. Which reminds me - I need to give her that dead set of scales. Who knows - maybe she can fix them!