Monday, December 12, 2011

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, December 12, 2011

Outside my window...  a glorious, sunny, frosty day.  I soak up light whenever I can get it, because we'll probably have clouds and rain later in the week.

I am thinking...  I think, I really think, I'm done Christmas shopping.  One gift card left to pick up at the grocery store doesn't count ;D  Hallelujah!

I am thankful for...  see above.  Now free to do more important (and fun!) things :D

I am praying for...  a man from church just diagnosed with leukemia, work for Kerry, peace and joy in the house.

I am creating...  good gracious, if you could see my office... well... I'm creating a MESS.  I've been wrapping in here and there is stuff EVERYWHERE.  No one else is allowed in.  But soon, very soon, I'll be done wrapping and can tidy up!

I am going...  to make Christmas treats this week :D

I am reading...  The Sign of the Beaver, with the boys.

I am hoping...  to have friends over before Christmas.

I am hearing...  the furnace blowing, ahhhhhhh.

I am remembering...  all my good intentions to have things done early - like gift-shopping and writing a Christmas letter.

From the learning rooms...  I left the boys home today, with their schoolwork, and went shopping with Grandma Grasshopper.  I love that they're old enough to do that now, once in awhile.  Not sure how much they got done, but anything is better than nothing.

From the kitchen...  ummmm, must think of something :o\

Around the house...  I love Christmas decorations.  I love my nativities.  I love candles.  I love Christmas music.  And I love the smell of my Christmas tree.

Something I want to remember later...  how much Gunnar misses his brothers when they're gone.  He does NOT like to sleep in the bedroom alone!

On my mind...  can't wait to find out if I'm going to have a niece or a nephew!

Noticing that...  how much Gunnar likes the words "hence" and "thus".  He reads a lot.

Pondering these words... 

let heaven and nature sing!

One of my favorite things...  hearing my boys sing Christmas carols.  Even the ones that don't exactly follow the notes on the page ;D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  choir practice tonight, CAP tomorrow, youthgroup on Wednesday, friends coming to dinner on Thursday, PTO day Friday (!), and a big family gathering on Saturday - here.  Whew!

Here is a picture I am sharing... 

Is it over-sharing to show a picture of our bedroom?  I love my bed... the soft, flannel sheets and the big down comforter... they call to me on these dark, cold winter nights.


sara said...

Your bed looks crisp and cozy at the same time - and that's not easy to pull off. I think it's the cool colors and sharp edged shams put together with with the puffy comforter. Nice.

melanie said...

Love it, my fellow blue&white friend!

leah said...

I love the white/blue colors of your bedroom. So crisp AND cozy at the same time!

We have sunny, crisp weather here, too. Love it! I'm also almost done Christmas shopping - just a few small teacher gifts to get before next week.

Christmas Carols all over the place on this end - I love them! My favorites: Gabriel's Message (old hymn) and The Holly and The Ivy. *Bliss*

Nolan is a bit "sad" these days - mostly nauseated and feeling a bit cranky. Prayers for patience appreciated, because I have a hard time with constant whining (even when we know there is a real reason, it grates after a while)!

Choate Family said...

I love the blue, too! Glad you got your Christmas shopping finished :-)

Kim said...

All of us in the Grains of Sand family really enjoyed Sign of the Beaver!
Ditto on the Christmas music, nativities, decorations and tree!
Merry Christmas!

Magic Ear Kids said...

That would call me to an afternoon nap! Enjoy your busy holiday!

Organizing Mommy said...

No, that is nOT oversharing! I love your room. Makes me want to go clean mine! LOL. thus and hence! Your kids must be a riot!

The dB family said...

Your room is very pretty! I've often wondered too if it's over sharing to show a photo of our room. I like seeing other people's rooms. Is that bad? I just love the decorating ideas the present. Someday I dream of an almost all white room...


Felicity said...

I love your blue and white (my favourite colours)room! It looks lovely and peaceful.