Friday, December 9, 2011

True Confessions

Well, well, well.  Another day, another boggling.

It doesn't take much.  I'm easily boggled lately.  I could blame the boybarians.  Or hormones.  Or just about anything.  Today, how about Stuff-Mart?

I went out Christmas shopping this morning.  Again.  And even though it was a work day, and - compared to a weekend - not really very crowded, it still felt kind of crazy.  So many people.  So much stuff.  You know, I've figured it out.  What it comes down to is just


That's it.  Really, I'm good for about two, three, maybe four hours until my eyes glaze over and I get a headache.  (I know, I know, first world problems...)

Anyone else?  Am I the only one with matching chromosomes who doesn't feel very merry about Christmas shopping?  And then, of course, I feel guilty about that.  Because it's not as if I'm being forced into buying obligation-gifts for a bunch of people I could care less about.  This is my family!  I love them!  I want to give them good things!  I'm just not a shopping-as-recreation kind of gal.

Still.  I had a list.  I worked the list.  I made progress.  So that was good.

Actually, here's the funny thing.  The best thing I found today was for... me :D  I didn't mean to be shopping for me, but as long as I was in Value Village (looking for stuff for Gunnar to take apart), I might as well keep my eyes open, right?  (You would, wouldn't you?)  And I was rewarded with this:

An LL Bean Christmas sweater.  For twelve bucks.  Granted, it won't look quite like that on me, given that I'm not that tall, nor that skinny, and - duh - I have hair, but still... love it!  Funny thing is, when I got home and looked at it again I became convinced that someone I know has this very sweater. But who?

So after my slightly overwhelming shopping expedition, I arrived back home and helped Wyatt and Tate get their stuff organized for The Bivouac.  Which they're all excited about.  And here, again, I'm boggled.  Because I, for one, would not be excited about a weekend campout in December.  What they're going to accomplish in roughly seven hours of daylight, with a projected high temp of 42F (that's about 5.5C, my friends), I have no idea.  I hope it's not treating hypothermia.  I'll let you know, when they get back.

In the mean time, I have presents to wrap :D


Choate Family said...

That sweater will look lovely on you!

melanie said...

I am truly with you on the over-stimulating. I do survive in wallyworld much better than the mall. My husband used to tell me I looked "lost" when we had to go there. ;-)

melanie said...

oh yes, and GREAT sweater! Merry Christmas to YOU! :D

Cutzi said...

I agree. Which is why I do most of my shopping on-line. Except for a few things that I try to buy at local small businesses which don't make me feel so crazy. I'm not anti Walmart, Target or the like by any means. I just try to avoid the big stores around Christmas. Besides, most things I can get for a better or equivalent price from Amazon. And with Amazon Mom free shipping it's delivered to my door in two days.

beach babies said...

Yeah, we call it 'Fart Mart' around here and we do everything to avoid that place all year long. I do almost all of my Christmas shopping on-line because we like weird, unique around here- other than Legos which I might buy at Target, but even those I like to get on-line.

And, here-here to the boy haircut. Our gentlemen are currently 15, 12, and 4. Obviously, the 4 year old has no hair issues. But the big boys. Yeah, they like to hide behind their hair. But, yes, I think it needs to be cut short and neat. Not necessarily buzzed, but short. And I LOATHE the stylized/Justin Bieber type haircut. YOU GUYS ARE MALE!! WHY ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT STYLING YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

I give my boys long warnings before it's time for a haircut. For example, they have appointments next Tuesday. So I started warning them last Tuesday. Three weeks to hold on to your hair! And last Tuesday, two weeks left with the hair flip! How pathetic.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm with you about online shopping - got several things from Amazon :D

But some things I need to see - to hold up a coat and think if it's the right size. Or - in the case of my boys - buy twice as many, let them try them on and pick which one they like, and return the extras. ;D

Felicity said...

Lovely jersey! I really don't like shopping much... and I dislike busy malls intensely... especially busy, BIG malls...that require much walking..!

Q said...

I'm with you, but have been very naughty. NO shopping is done and I've been a big poop about Christmas this year. Just had my chain divinely jerked Friday. "Q,it's not about your life being on hold, it's about ME!"

Guess who's shopping on Monday (Amazon!) and decorating on Tuesday?

Deanna said...

I was so ready for you to end your story with "It was me! I found the same exact sweater in my closet" because that is totally something my holiday befuddled brain would do.

Congrats on the great find!

leah said...

Good find on the LL Bean sweater! I'm not a shopping-as-recreation person, either. The crowds are a bit too much, and I am a cheapskate. I mean, erm, I'm "frugal." I love buying my family things, of course, but the commercialism gets to be a bit much sometimes.

One of my friends said, "Wanna go Black Friday shopping with me at Midnight?" I answered with, "Why are you punishing me?"

I went with Dennis and the kids to see the Muppet movie instead of going shopping. It was a LOT more fun! :)

The dB family said...

Very pretty! How is it that you score such awesome finds at the VV Boutique? I avoid anything but groceries this time of the year as much as possible. I have three young ladies that want to go out on Friday though. I'll TRY to enjoy myself :oS.


Ann said...

Can you tell I'm way behind on blog reading? :-) And, I'm with ya on the shopping. I think that's the real reason I prefer to make stuff!!!