Wednesday, January 18, 2012

... And Snow And Snow

Guess what we woke up to?
More snow.

And there was much rejoicing.  Much colder today.  Wyatt checked the thermometer before breakfast at 24F (-4C), and by the time we ate our pancakes it was 20F (-6C), and still dropping.  But the forecast is for rain tomorrow, so we'll enjoy it while we can :D

Since we live on a Great Sledding Hill, people tend to congregate here.  See the moms, hanging out down in the intersection, making sure the kids and/or the traffic stops?

It's a race to the bottom!

This one - Emily - would rather dig into the bushes than race.

Oh how I love those pink cheeks!

For Tate, it's all about speed.

Wyatt wants air.

No Wyatts were harmed in the taking of these pictures.

Emma and Juliann were happily - if slowly - sliding to the bottom, munching on snowballs.

Yes indeed, Wyatt did go all the way down the hill like that.

I prefer this style.
He looks like Sean Connery doing James Bond.

Gunnar and William wanted to take the tube over the jump.

And they don't mind the chills and spills :D

But check this out... the moms aren't going to let the kids have all the fun!
Linda is in the lead, followed by Susy and the twins, with a grandma and grandson
close on her heels!

Go, Susy, go!



melanie said...

Fun! Enjoy while you can!
yAy! for the mamas and grammas! Did you go too, Julie?? :D

Abi's Blog said...

This reminds me of the one time we were in Colorado during Spring break. :) It's been in the 70's here - no winter precip predicted at least for the rest of January.
Have fun!

Crystal in Lynden said...

You captured some amazing shots!

Felicity said...

Great Wyatt photos!

I'm glad to see some moms join in the fun - it's something I'm going to do if and when I get to be in snow!!

Q said...

How fun was THAT???

Giving Wyatt a firm 9.7 for snow surfing style!

dlefler said...

Oh my goodness, no Wyatts were harmed in the making of these photos - thanks for the morning chuckle! Hahaha!

Sledding is such great fun - we love snowy weekends because we go out and spend hours sledding. Snow, I love you for your early bedtimes, lol!