Saturday, January 21, 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes

Especially when that day brings this... rain.  Snow is kind of funny (for those of you who don't live with it.)  Even when the temp rises, it can hang around for awhile.  It's white and reflects heat, y'know?  But throw in a little rain, and it goes pretty fast.

And we had some funny weather.  I looked out the window of my office/craft room and saw this.  Can you tell what's happening?

Take a closer look, with a darker background...

... it's sunny, and snowing!

We live in a basin, surrounding a large lake.  Seems like no matter what the weather pattern is on the large scale, our weather always seems to come at us from the lake.  Something about the way the wind swirls around, I guess.  So I took a look in that direction from another window.  Ahhhh.  Looks ominous, yah?

Yep.  More snow.  And boy did it get dark when those thick clouds rolled in.  But that's okay.  I love watching lights come on around the lake.

But the thermometer was rising, and the icicles out my bedroom window were dripping.

I thought you might like seeing the progression of the snow melting.
It's sad, though ;D

Here's the winter wonderland, all snowy, clean, white and bright.

Ah, still snowy, but the road is looking gray and mushy as the weather begins to warm.  And the snow has begun to drop from the trees.

Definitely warmer.  Don't know if you can tell, but the snow looks heavier.  Thicker.  It compacts as it melts.  Did you see the raindrops on the window?  The snow is saturated.

Until, finally.... blaaahhhhhh.  At least the roads are clear again.


Anonymous said...

The snow left here on Wednesday...and on Thursday at
4am I got up to go potty (old age :) and stepped in an inch of water...and for the next 14 hours my husband, daughter, daughter-in-law and I were trying to keep the water from doing more damage than it had. Our 59 year old house decided it was time to 'reveal' all the cracks in the basement (our bedroom) floor! And there were LOTS. So we are not moved upstairs completely. What a mess. We can't do anything about the basement until it is dry. It is going to be a LONG winter. But... we are alive and God is on His Throne... this is a 'bump' in the road. Snow IS much you I like the brightness it brings.... I just don't like the mess it left behind this time :) DianeM

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh no! No fun at all! But I admire your attitude. Hang in there,


dlefler said...

ugh. We seem to be borrowing your weather - this is the strangest winter we've ever had! It has been snowing/raining/snowing off and on all January. We have rain and wind today - unheard of here when January sees temps in the negatives! Sigh...

I'll just be glad to see Spring arrive!