Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Guys Are Awesome

Thanks so much for all your kind and hopeful words!  I'm still kind of amazed at the network of friends and acquaintances I've found through the interwebs ;D  It's really encouraging to hear from some of you with implants yourself, or kids with implants.  Thanks for sharing your journeys. 

Also, I'm kind of amazed at how long I've had this blog going, and how much the boys have changed! One of them just looked over my shoulder, saw this picture, chuckled, and said,

The Cone Age.

Yup.  Late 2007 or early 2008, they started creating Dino-opolis in the back yard.  Haven't seen much of that lately, but every once in awhile it has a brief resurgence.

Early 2008 they also began building their bubba shack treehouse.  Kerry doesn't love it, but i think it's great.

Not sure when these were taken.  Probably about the time I started calling this place

The Testoster-zone.

They do clean up pretty well, though apparently I didn't realize how much taller Wyatt had gotten since he'd last worn those pants.  Yes, in fact, we are geeky homeschoolers.

Or course, they're pretty much always a bit goofy.  You know...

zero to crazy in under five seconds.

We've put a few miles on, yah?

And it's a lot more fun sharing all this stuff when I'm not just talking to myself.

Thanks for coming along for the ride :D


Ruby said...

Fantastic to see the growth and prgress. Always a pleasure to read your blog, Julie.

dlefler said...

It is amazing how much they have changed - especially Wyatt and Tate! They look like young men now, rather than "boys."

From pine cones in the backyard to CAP- it is crazy how fast time flies!

The dB family said...

These photos are so great!! I LOVE the one of them in their ties. It's just so classic. If I had more than one boy, I would totally have one like it too, I'm sure.