Friday, January 20, 2012

A Brain Dump, And The Boybarians

1.  Blogging is a funny thing.  I started doing this for two reasons: 1) Because I just couldn't keep up with scrapbooks, and 2) so that some of our further-away friends and relatives could see what we're up to.  But turns out, I think very few of my family (hi Mom!) and none of Kerry's actually look here.  But the good news is that I've met such wonderful friends :D  So this is mostly for me, but also for you.

2.  So at random times, things will happen and I'll think I need to blog thatBut now?  As I sit here, looking blankly at the 'puter, I have absolutely no idea what seemed so funny to me at 4:57 AM.  Or why I thought you might find it funny.

3.  Wait.  It's back.  It was Wyatt.  We were watching a nature documentary called Life in the Undergrowth hosted by the googley-eyed-worshiper-at-the-altar-of-evolution, David Attenborough.  (Does he have a shoulder condition?  Because he has very unusual gestures.  But I digress.)   It had something to do with a spider catching a cricket (I was apparently dozing off) and Wyatt burst out laughing.  Apparently he had never heard the word fuzzy used in the same sentence with gladiatorWell.  That makes two of us.

4.  Also, there was something about a light bulb.  But the rest escapes me.

5.  In other news, bummer, the snow is melting.  The boybarians were sad to put the sleds away.  Makes me sad to see the snow dropping off the trees.  Now we have a wet, gloppy mess.  The roads are - as my dad would say - slicker than snot on a door-knob.  But that will pass, and I will miss the brightness of the snow on the ground.  On the other hand...

6.  Yay!  The snow, snow, snow is melting, melting, melting!  And life can return to what passes for normal around here..  I know, it's different for you who live where there is snow every winter, all winter long.  Everybody is used to it and life proceeds normally.

But not here.  Oh, no.  Snow is a Big Deal.  As in, this could be all we get for the winter, so we Must Drop Everything And Go Play In It Right Now.

And we did.  Plenty. In fact, the boys (inspired by Snow Treasure I think), sledded twice down to the local grocery store, via a two-mile trail with about a 300' elevation drop.  Fun times.

And in spite of public schools being closed for an entire week (for six inches of snow) we managed to do some schooling around the edges.  Played to our hearts' content, and we're only two days behind.

Totally worth it.

7.  I'm very ready to get the boybarians back on a schedule.  Nuff said.

8.  Also, I'm totally ready for my house to smell like something other than wet snow boots, found upside down on every heater vent.  Even my Vanilla Sugar Cookie candle is having trouble competing with that.

9.  I did one productive thing while the boys were out sledding.  I made a baby quilt for a friend.  Can't show you yet but I did take pictures.

10.  Lastly, I remembered. 
How many boybarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
It doesn't matter. 
They'll fight over who goes first.



Crystal in Lynden said...

LOL - we had mud in Alaska that was "slicker than snot!"

melanie said...

hee hee ~ try putting a lump of charcoal in each boot :D

Well, we got some snow. Streets in town were slickery, but I resisted the urge to do a donut in the Suburban. ahem.

The Snow Treasure sledding adventure sounds like great boybarian fun!

Felicity said...

If we ever had to move somewhere else it would have to be somewhere that has snow all winter! But I say that because I'm a South African who knows nothing about snow... ;-)

So cool to be homeschoolers - you can school whenever and take off whenever!

I'm so glad you started blogging and that I found your blog - life would be dull without you!

Bridget said...

Re #1: Keep blogging! Even if your family doesn't keep up with it, you'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

I have to say...over the years I have found lots of blogs to read...but yours is the only one I am still 'watching'...might have something to do with 3 boybarians...your writing style.. whatever it is... I am glad you still blog.
I noticed that it 'says' I am from somewhere in Washington...but in fact I am from Salem, Oregon....kind of odd. I love your wintery candles and decor! Diane M.

tammy said...

you have the snow, we don't. well, we didn't until a couple days ago, which is not usual, and tomorrow it is supposed to be almost 50. Go figure. I never knew though that you didn't get snowed upon as much. Love the idea though of sledding down to the grocery store! sounds like a lot of fun!

and yay for snow days! For all parties involved!

dlefler said...

Ugh - we are normally buried in snow through April but this year is an anomaly. Oh, well - at least it doesn't hurt to breathe when we go outside!

Our schools almost never close. Sometimes they take it a little too far - we had 2 feet of snow and 60mph winds, and the schools were STILL OPEN. Seriously. Thank goodness for the school bus, because my little car wouldn't have made it up our hill!