Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let It Snow

A few weeks ago the boys and I put this on a window in the school room, and crossed our fingers.

And this morning?

I crept out of bed early to snap a few pictures out the window.
So glad I had the boys leave the outdoor lights up a bit longer,
they look so pretty in the snow!

I think this tree is my favorite.  You can't see how many blue lights there are, covered with snow, but they give the tree a magical blue glow.

Looking down from the school room...

And doesn't the front porch look cozy?
And that house across the street... my great aunt and uncle used to live there,
right across the street from my grandpa and grandma.

The view that greets the boys from their bedroom window :D

Public schools are canceled, so we're taking a snow day too.
They couldn't wait to get out to play!

And I couldn't decide which picture I liked better, so you get two.
Haven't they changed (from yesterday's pics)?

I love how the light reflects off the snow into my windows, making my house brighter,
even on cloudy days.

Cheery, yah?

Around here, we don't call them "Christmas lights", because we keep them out longer.

Bright and cozy :D

Only one place in my house is NOT brighter.
Can you guess what that is?


The dB family said...

So very pretty!! Your house inside puts me to shame. The only wintery thing I have are dogwoods in some planters. You have officially had more snow than us this winter! It supposed to snow tonight, but likely still not photo worthy. It was at least 6 Celcius here earlier today and now it's minus 14 C with the wind chill. That's typical weather for around here though.


Q said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Felicity said...

I LOVE all the photos! It's a dream of mine to wake up to a world like that...

Kat said...

So jealous of your winter wonderland...here in Texas it is suppose to be 75 degrees this week. My tulip and hyacinth bulbs are already breaking through the surface. Now it will probably freeze and kill off the growth...sigh!