Monday, February 18, 2013

Grasshopper Days, and Gunnar and Naomi

Grasshopper Days

For today, February 18, 2013

Outside my window...  the usual.  Wet, gray, and cold.

Hearing...  blessed silence.  I think all the boys are out in the garage, rotting their brains with the Eye of Mordor (or xbox, whichever).  It's a holiday today - President's Day.  (Which always brings to mind an early Simpsons episode in which Homer fantasizes about all the good he could do if he were in government, "like get Washington and Lincoln's birthdays back as separate holidays").  Anyway, it's a holiday.

Pondering...  we had Naomi for part of the weekend, and guess who was in hog heaven :D

He is a wonderful help with her.  I tell him God is preparing him to be a wonderful daddy someday.

Praying...  for good decisions.

Thankful...  Kerry has a ton of work right now, (hallelujah!) and we're praying that he can do it all.  Also, thankful for a weekend with these big blue eyes.

She was having a conversation with Gunnar... lots of babbling and cute flirty looks.

Creating...  kind of got stalled on the baby quilts, but hoping to make good progress today.  Meanwhile, a gratuitous bath picture :D

Gunnar thought what I did to her hair was both hilarious and horrifying.  I had to convince him it wouldn't stay like that all day.

Going...  to get busy, working!  Well, sewing, which is more like playing.

Reading...  I've been reading through Ann Ross' Miss Julia books.  Hilarious.  I'm on the last one.

Looking forward to...  today :D  A day off.  I've already got our school week mapped out, no urgent errands, and the house is reasonably clean, so I feel like the day is mine.  Lovely.

And here's something else that's lovely...

Naomi, last September...                                           .... and yesterday morning, after her bath.
I think she looks a little bit like Heat Miser with her hair sticking up like that, but cute instead of grouchy.  (If you don't know Heat Miser, he's from an ooooold clay-mation Christmas special, called The Year Without a Santa Claus.)

In the kitchen...  must think of something good for lunch, as dinner will be leftovers (Wyatt and I are off to rehearsal).  Hmmm....  

In the learning rooms...  moving on from China to India, measuring angles (complementary, supplementary, etc.), identifying verb phrases (especially when the verbs get separated by those pesky adverbs), and moving on from squamates (hallelujah, because I hate snakes) to testudines (turtles, etc), and amphibians.

Around the house...  not too much picking up to do, as we cleaned before the weekend and Naomi can't quite crawl yet.  But, oh boy, she's close.

I think this is the first time she's had shoes on, and she was fascinated.  She doesn't walk yet, but it's cold here and she constantly pulls her socks off, so I dug out these shoes I saved from the boys.  Cute :D

The Mother Load...  oh mercy, I'm having a day off, and I don't want to think about all my chores today!

Noticing that...  maybe it's just having a baby around that re-sets my perspective, but gracious these boys are growing into fine young men!

Something fun to remember for later...  I think we got to hear her first word.  You see, Wyatt's voice often sounds a lot like my brother's (Naomi's dad).  Saturday evening Gunnar and I were in the living room with Naomi, and Wyatt walked into the kitchen and said something to Tate.  She whipped her head around in his direction, and very clearly said, "Dada!"

A favorite quote for today... 

Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege,
than the raising of the next generation.
- C. Everett Koop

One of my favorite things...  baby giggles.

A Bible verse...  Proverbs 31:25

She is clothed with strength and dignity;
she can laugh at the days to come.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  
Monday - Wyatt and I are off to rehearsal tonight, while the others head to the church for Boys' Club.  
Tuesday we're back to school, Wyatt has an orthodontist appointment, he and Tate go to CAP, and I'm enjoying a women's Bible study (thankfully, a "women's study" meaning it's attended by women and based on a book of the Bible, not some fluffy foo-foo excuse for a Bible study ;D)  
Wednesday Gunnar gets his eyes checked.
Thursday and Friday look normal... schooling, but not much else.  Hallelujah ;D

A peek into my world...  one last look at my sweet niece :D


The dB family said...

Ohhhh, baby!! She is adorable! What a fun weekend you had. Hope you have a great week too and enjoyed your free day today.


Felicity said...

She's just too gorgeous. Those eyes!! How much fun to have a baby for the weekend... (Mine are growing old enough for me to think that's fun.. ;-) )

Love the quote!

dlefler said...

Naomi looks like a girl Gunnar - I think they look a lot alike! Your boys are going to be great daddies some day.

Things will be a bit busier once she starts to crawl - my favorite age was 6-9 months, when the boys could sit and play with toys, but not crawl. Once they're mobile, life gets a lot more complicated! Fun, but busy.

The pictures from September to now are astounding - she has grown so much!